Secret tricks for being fearless with bold colored makeup

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Secret tricks for being fearless with bold colored makeup How many times have you wanted to try fuchsia lipstick but shied away from the idea in fear of coming off as too bold? While you might think that bright colors could never work on your face, the fact of the matter is that anyone can flaunt them! Owning your look with confidence is half the battle, and taking these tips into account can help you round out your makeup strategy.

Try a little bit at a time
If you're fearful of going all out with purple lipstick right off the bat, don't force yourself to do something uncomfortable. Make it a point to take it slowly until you're used to seeing yourself in a new color – you'll be happier you did.

Go gold
Not into the idea of playing up bright colors? recommends trying metallics to make a statement instead. For example, opt for a gold lip gloss before you step out of the house for a night on the town. You'll be surprised at how many heads you turn!

Take a look at all of your options
You might hate the idea of wearing fuchsia, but perhaps you're only considering one shade. Before you completely rule out a certain color, see which other tones might work for you.


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