Secret ways to flawlessly apply lip liner

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Secret ways to flawlessly apply lip liner

Do you think you might be doing your pout an injustice by failing to wear lip liner? If you wear lipstick on a frequent basis, this might be true. After all, liner can help you efficiently keep color on your lips for longer! If you're interested in taking it up again after a long break, here are some tips on how to apply it flawlessly every time.

Use delicate strokes on your upper lip
Begin with your upper lip by applying the liner with delicate strokes. Daily Glow recommends starting at the corner of your lips, then working your way inward toward the center. When you're finished, continue this routine on the bottom lip.

Fill in your pout
Once you're done outlining your lips, be sure to fill them in with your liner. This can help you keep your pout eye-catching and colorful for hours at a time.

Blend thoroughly
As you're applying your lipstick, AOL states that it's crucial to blend the makeup with your liner to create a fuller lip and prevent all of your hard work from smudging. By considering these key tips, you'll gladly smile more often! 


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