Take a hint from Marilyn Monroe when it comes to lipstick

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Take a hint from Marilyn Monroe when it comes to lipstick

These days, it seems like more women are looking back in time to find makeup that truly pops and gives them a unique appearance. The 1950s come to mind when most people think of Hollywood glam, and for good reason. This is a time when women like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor reigned supreme, and their makeup styles are still trendy today.

Specifically, fire engine red lips are back at the top of every woman’s list, according to InStyle magazine. Why? Because it’s sexy and easy to do with the right long-lasting, bold lipstick. Just because you aren’t a movie star doesn’t mean that you can’t rock this look. It’s also being seen more often in the office – thank “Mad Men” for that!

To pull off red lipstick like a pro, it’s important to be confident. Don’t be shy about smiling and showing off your pout when you’re wearing this color. Real Simple magazine also recommends picking a soft, sheer shade for the daylight hours to avoid creating an in-your-face appearance. Reserve opaque hues for your nightlife when you really want to stand out!


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