Three key makeup tips for your second date

December 21st, 2012 | Contributed by:

Three key makeup tips for your second dateAfter the first date is over and the initial nerves have subsided, you'll have to start thinking about the second one if it went well! What type of eyeliner should you wear? Was the lipstick you wore to the first date worth trying again? Here are some tips on how to seal the deal on the second date with the perfect look.

1. Go natural.
If you went all out with red lipstick and a smoky eye the first time around, let loose on the second date to give him a taste of your true, natural beauty. Go for skin toned lipstick and neutral makeup for a refreshing look.

2. Accept your flaws.
Have you always been irritated by the unsightly beauty mark above your eyebrow? How about the acne scar on your nose? reports that the second date is all about being yourself and comfortable in your own skin. Keep this in mind as you apply makeup for your upcoming outing!

3. Focus on the eyes.
If you choose to glam it up, make your eyes the priorities. After all, he'll be making plenty of eye contact with you throughout the date! Consider using a dark eyeliner to make your peepers seem larger and more dramatic.


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