Three secret tips to perfecting your bronzer application technique

January 3rd, 2013 | Contributed by:

Three secret tips to perfecting your bronzer application techniqueHow many times have you tried to apply bronzer, only to give yourself a streaky look that makes you want to avoid leaving the house? You might be a pro when it comes to putting on your blush, lipstick and eyeliner, but bronzer can be a challenge if you're not used to using it. Here are some tips to for flawlessly applying it to your face and giving it your visage the beautiful shimmer it deserves.

1. Use the right brush states that your brush can be the difference between streaks and a seamless look that turns heads. Make sure to use a large, fluffy brush to apply bronzer powder to the appropriate areas.

2. Know your bronzer
It's important to know which color and type of bronzer works best on your skin before application. Consider a product such as to Too Faced Peach Leopard Brightening & Perfecting Bronzer to give yourself a starting point.

3. Use natural light.
There's no better way to get an idea of how you'll look when you step outside other than to apply your makeup in sunlight! Open your shades and try to put on your bronzer in natural light to get the full effect.


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