Three tips for flawlessly wearing glitter

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Three tips for flawlessly wearing glitter

How many times have you been tempted to try glitter makeup only to find yourself a little intimidated about the prospect of walking around with shimmer on your face? You're not alone! Wearing glitter is a daring move, but it can be bold and intriguing if done correctly. If you aren't sure how to add a little shine to your appearance, here are some key tips to keep in mind. 

1. Less is more
When you're applying glitter eyeshadow, make it a point to use a little at a time. A small amount can go a long way, and overdoing it can leave you looking more like you're ready to attend a Halloween party!

2. Limit glitter around your pout
Every woman loves the idea of a shimmery pout, but big chunks of glitter on your lips should never be considered an option, according to Glamour magazine.

3. Go for light and playful
If you're afraid of your glitter being too overbearing, choose a cosmetic that's light in color. A bright hue rather than a bold one can help you balance out the shimmer and develop a playful appearance – not an in-your-face, intimidating one!


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