Three tips for sporting orange blush this spring

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Three tips for sporting orange blush this spring

One shade of blush you may want to incorporate into your spring makeup collection this coming season is orange. While this hue may be a little intimidating to wear at first, any woman can come to love this color, which can accentuate the shape of the cheek. Not sure how to wear orange blush like a pro? Here are three key tips to get you started.

1. Use matte formulas
Matte finishes are perfect when using orange blush on your cheeks, according to Beautylish. This can keep the color from becoming too overwhelming and bring out the colors of your face.

2. Look for bronze undertones for spring
To welcome the warm weather, Cosmopolitan magazine suggests choosing an orange blush that has a bronze undertone to give your face a sun-kissed look, just in time for the season.

3. Apply orange to other areas of your face
Heidi Klum writes for AOL that you can easily use orange on your pout and peepers, and doing so can give you a well-rounded look. Think twice before you pass on tangerine lip gloss and eyeliner when you're shopping for makeup!


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