Three ways to build a breakout beauty style

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Three ways to build a breakout beauty styleYour personal style is what you make of it, but when it comes to beauty, it can often seem like there are more restrictions that govern how you should look than there are freedoms! Set tired rules to the wayside with these three great tips from 

1. You're never too old. Some beauty products seem like they belong to a more daring time. At first glance, a product like Too Faced – Shimmer Veils may look like the ideal makeup for teens, but these vibrant, fun-spirited hues can actually be a wonderful way for you to complement your eye color and ensemble.

2. Strike out with bold colors. Free yourself from the fetters that guide your beauty look and break out with wild bursts of color that clash against your ensemble. For example, instead of pairing blue eyeshadow with a blue dress, try exploring purple, pewter or even red tones.

3. Forget the black mascara. Tried and true, black is often touted as the go-to shade for this eye makeup by many beauty experts. However, with something like Jane Iredale – PureLash Mascara in Agate Brown, you can pull off a soft daytime look that will still look exceptional well into the evening. If you're a blonde or redhead, this color can also be kinder on your complexion.


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