Three ways to confidently sport lip gloss on your pout

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Three ways to confidently sport lip gloss on your poutYou might be in love with your rosy pink and fire engine red lipsticks, but have you ever thought to try lip gloss? Doing so can give your pout a flirty, shiny look that will turn heads whether you're at the office or the bar. If you've never been much of a gloss girl, take the following tips into account to start wearing it and see what you've been missing.

1. Stay conservative if you have a full pout. reports that it's important to apply lip gloss in moderation if you already have full lips. Going overboard can give your pout more attention than you would like and take away from your overall look.

2. Choose a lip gloss that lasts.
One of the biggest complaints from lip gloss wearers is that it doesn't last as long as lipstick. However, this isn't always the case, especially if you invest in a worthwhile product such as BABOR Double Lip Gloss.

3. Apply a lip stain beforehand.
If you're concerned about the color of gloss wearing off, apply a lip stain or a light lipstick beforehand. This can ensure that your pout is as colorful as it is voluptuous throughout the day.


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