Three ways to wear purple lipstick like a pro

December 18th, 2012 | Contributed by:

Three ways to wear purple lipstick like a proYou’ve likely seen models and celebrities alike flaunting purple lipstick, but have you ever thought to try it yourself? It takes an admirable amount of courage to wear a bold color such as violet or plum, but it’s entirely possible! Take the following tips into account and you may find yourself regularly sporting this hue at the office, bar and everywhere in between.

1. Go for gem-inspired hues.
Allure magazine recommends trying a glossy lipstick in a jewel-tone hue if you want to look regal in purple. Gem-inspired colors in general are being seen in everything from accessories to sweaters, making it a must-try trend this coming season.

2. Stay neutral.
It’s important to choose neutral eyeshadow, blush and eyeliner when you’re wearing a bold color on your pout, according to This will keep your look from becoming too overwhelming and allows your lipstick to speak for itself.

3. Think berry.
If you’re having a hard time picturing yourself in a vibrant shade of purple, why not go for a variety that has red undertones? Selecting a berrylicious shade of purple can warm up your appearance.

4. Experiment
Try out something new, be bold. It may take some time, but you’ll be amazed of all the new possibilities and looks you’ll discover. Every now and then, try out a new shade. Go different! 


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