Tips for sporting hot pink blush like a pro

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Sporting hot pink blush like a pro

You might be accustomed to wearing peach or magenta blush, but when you want to spice things up a bit, hot pink may be right up your alley. That being said, it takes a confident woman to wear hot pink anywhere on her face, whether it’s lipstick on her pout or shimmer on her cheeks. There isn’t a single perfect method you can use to apply blush flawlessly, but there are a few tips you can use to make it easier.

Go light
Because hot pink is an intense color, it’s in your best interest to go light as you begin applying the blush, according to Real Beauty. Remember, you can always add more later – it can be a pain to remove too much makeup and start from scratch.

Choose a powder
A powder blush instead of a cream formula may be best if you’re trying to make a bold appearance. Redbook magazine states that color tends to be brighter due to more pigments in powders.

Coordinate with your skin tone
Skin tone can play a large role in how much hot pink blush you wear. For instance, women with darker skin may need to use more to bring out the color, while those with fair skin might require dramatically less.


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