Tips for sporting the appropriate amount of makeup at a new job

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Tips for sporting the appropriate amount of makeup at a new jobIt can be exciting to land a new job in your desired career field, but how do you know what type of makeup is appropriate for your new office? Depending on your position, luscious lip gloss, dark eyeshadow and volumizing mascara might not fly in your new work environment. Here are some tips on how you can wear makeup without offending anyone before you get a feel for the standards at your new job.

Stay away from black.
Try to stay away from dark eyeliner to avoid giving yourself an overly dramatic look. Instead, show off your peepers with a lighter eyeliner such as BABOR Maxi Definition Eye Contour Pencil in Cool Brown.

Opt for a berrylicious pout.
Forbes magazine recommends choosing a berry-toned lipstick for the office to give your pout some color without pushing the limit. Berry hues often have both blue and brown tones in them, which are suitable for most lips.

Smooth out your skin with foundation.
Hide any blemishes you might have with foundation and call it a day. Don’t go overboard with concealer or bronzer – this can create a caked-on look that no one wants to see, whether you’re at the office or on a hot date.


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