Updated French manicures

September 12th, 2011 | Contributed by:

French manicures are always in style!French manicures are a classic for a reason. They're natural looking, fresh, pretty – and easy to do yourself at home!

If you want to go with the standard nude and white combination, BABOR – French Manicure Nail Color will give you a glossy finish that works to strengthen your nails as you wear it. Just file your nails into a squoval shape, which is straight with rounded edges. Then apply a base coat and carefully paint on a line of white at the edge of your nails. You could either do it freehand or use tape or stickers to help you. When that's dry, paint on two coats of a nude polish and finish with a top coat. Tres chic!

If you're feeling a little more daring, try to mix up your French with unexpected color combinations. For example, you could do a blue nail with a lighter blue tip, a red nail with a pink tip, a nude nail with a gold tip, or even a white nail with a black tip. POP Beauty – Nail Glam has tons of shades for you to choose from to suit your mood. It's up to you to be creative, and the best part is that anything will look good.


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