Wear your lip liner flawlessly with these 3 tips

January 4th, 2013 | Contributed by:

Wear your lip liner flawlessly with these 3 tipsEven if you have the perfect lip liner in your collection of makeup, your appearance might fall flat if you don't apply it properly. It's no secret that this tool is incredibly helpful when it comes to maintaining a colorful pout. However, the application can be a bit tricky, even for the most experienced woman. Here are some tips for using it flawlessly every time.

1. Make sure it doesn't steal the show.
As DailyGlow.com reports, there's nothing worse than seeing dark lip liner paired with a lighter lipstick. Not only does this make your lips look awkward, but it can thwart your entire appearance. Make sure your lip liner and lipstick complement each other before application.

2. Consider using lip primer.
If you're worried about your lip liner or lipstick smudging or bleeding and this is a recurring problem for you, Yahoo! recommends utilizing a primer beforehand. Lip primer can ensure that your makeup doesn't fade early in the day.

3. Keep your lip liner sharp.
Sharpen your pencil as often as necessary to make sure you're always working with a fine point. This can make all the difference when it comes to creating the perfect look.


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