What a Teenage Girl Wants?

December 14th, 2006 | Contributed by:

Teenagers can be hard to shop for—especially teenage girls. There’s no telling what’s “hot” nowadays so, until you’re given a specific list, it can be near impossible to grab something “cool”.

Don’t even ponder the thought of picking out clothes, trends change in a sec these days and it’s more likely that your gift will be found under the bed than on the girl.

Want some safe gift selections? Here are some great ideas: You can never go wrong with gift certificates. Take note of “hot” stores and buy a gift card. If you’re unsure about which stores she likes, buy a mall gift certificate that she can use in any shop. Movie and restaurant gift certificates always make great gifts.

Bath and body products are always wanted. Try some good-smelling body washes or scrubs, or even some light and delicate facial products.

How about a makeover? Ask a professional makeup artist at any cosmetic counter to show her how to get just the right look! She’ll also learn how to apply makeup and how imperative skin care is.


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    Well done!

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    Very good site! Thanks! 🙂

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