Have tired eyes? Treat them in 3 simple steps

July 26th, 2012 | Contributed by:

Have tired eyes? Treat them in 3 simple stepsYou don't have to be out all night to wake up with tired eyes. If you're under stress and not sleeping as well as normal, these may be just a few of the reasons why your peepers are carrying some major baggage. Consider a few tips from Allure Magazine's beauty blog to eliminate your biggest eye-related woes.

1. Keep it cool. Before you can even think about getting rid of puffy eyes, you need a product you know you can depend on. With something like Bliss – Baggage Handler Eye Gel, you can soothe your eyes and build long-lasting hydration. For an added boost, try storing this in the fridge before you apply it underneath your eyes. The cool effect of the gel on your troubled skin may be just the thing you need to replenish your natural radiance.

2. Line it up. Sometimes a good gel isn't all that you need to keep your eyes looking radiant. Enliven your peepers with an eyeliner like Jane Iredale – Mystikol in Citrine. This softer shade looks great and is sure to blend in naturally with your skin tone.

3. Drink plenty of water. While beauty products are important, the best way to prevent long-term damage to your skin is to stay hydrated. In addition to creams designed to reduce under-eye baggage and tiredness, be sure to drink water throughout the day.


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