Three tips for giving your skin a red carpet-worthy glow

January 7th, 2013 | Contributed by:

Three tips for giving your skin a red carpet-worthy glowHow many times have you watched a red carpet show only to wish you had luminous skin like the stars? If your skincare routine isn't doing much for your face, you might not be using the right moisturizer and exfoliator to keep it looking its best. Here are some tips to achieve the glow you desire.

1. Avoid hot showers.
It's no secret that hot showers and baths can dry out your skin, as soothing and relaxing as they may be, according to Reader's Digest magazine. Try to limit your time in the shower to reduce the risk of sucking all of the moisture out of your beautiful skin.

2. Use a hydrating moisturizer.
The right moisturizer can do wonders for your skin, meaning it's best to take your time when choosing one for your face. Consider a product such as BABOR Basic Care Moisture Serum for smooth, supple skin.

3. Eat right.
Did you know that the foods you eat may be hindering your natural glow? Incorporating more antioxidant-packed foods and produce with vitamin A can be the key to radiant skin, according to the Daily Mail.


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