beatuy benefits of acupuncture

If you’re currently attempting to enhance your aesthetic appeal in order to improve your self-esteem, it’s important to note that acupuncture can help.

body acne

No one wants to deal with acne, especially all over their body. Sadly, body acne is a common occurance in over 65% of individuals in the United States today.

health and beauty benefits of nutmeg

Most people are familiar with nutmeg as a common kitchen spice. However, few people realize that its benefits go far beyond making tasty treats.


This week we were so excited to have our Dermalogica training here at Beauty Bridge!

3 Ways To Tackle Summer Acne

When the temperatures rise and you get ready to hit the beach, you might be uncomfortable in your own skin as soon as you look in the mirror.

Do You Know How To Prevent Pimple Scars?

When was the last time you found yourself frustrated with an unexpected pimple on your face?

Three Overnight Remedies For Unsightly Pimples

We’ve all had it happen before – the night before a big interview, meeting or date, a pimple appears right in the middle of your face.

Avoid Dairy To Help Fight Acne

When it comes to fighting acne, your best bet is to go directly to the source.

Your Pillowcase Could Be Responsible For Acne

Believe it or not, your bed might not be as friendly as you think it is, especially if you don’t regularly change your sheets.

Two Ways To Cure Acne

Pimples are part of being a teenager, but what if your breakouts don’t go away when you hit adulthood?

Keeping Your Makeup Routine Squeaky Clean

We shouldn’t have to tell you twice that keeping makeup around for longer than you should is never a good idea – but then again, we all need a friendly reminder now and then. Taking extra care to use hygienic makeup practices is a habit that’s worth its weight in gold (and clear, beautiful skin).

Clear Skin Sure Ain't Cheesy

It goes without saying that acne is one of the biggest beauty bummers known to man. Even if you did your fair share of time suffering with the stuff through all of high school, adult acne can tag along well into your 20s.