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Go bold with blue eye makeup

Monday, November 4th, 2013

Go bold with blue eye makeup

If blue eye makeup makes you think of the 1980s, it's time to realize that this look is actually ultra modern. The trend is getting a new twist these days, with awe-inspiring effects that work for nearly any occasion. Whether you're looking to rock this color for a coffee date or an evening bash, here's how to master it:

From day…
Black eyeliner can look harsh on some, and blue might be just the solution – it's can define the eye but is far subtler than ebony. Start with a pale neutral eyeshadow on your lids, like champagne. Then carefully trace your lower lashline from the inner corner out toward the outer edge with a teal pencil. The result is a wide-eyed yet alluring look.

If you're feeling brave, you can even sweep a bit of bright blue mascara onto your lashes for bright, playful peepers.

You can also use blue to liven up a metallic lid. Use an eyeshadow blush to apply a sheer icy silver base. Then layer on a slate blue shadow to give your eyes a pop of cool color. If you want a more intense finish, you can dampen the brush so that the pigment goes on more opaque. Pair this winter-ready look with a powder pink gloss and a dab of highlighter on your cheekbones.

…to night
If you're sporting a sleek cat-eye or a sultry smoky eye, try sweeping a slender line of rich cobalt pencil underneath the bottom lashes and smudging it slightly for some added intrigue. 

Looking for a little more drama? Combine two different blue shadows. Apply the softer color from the lid all the way up to the browbone. Then swirl your brush in the deeper shade and blend it into the crease. An angled brush can help you to create a V-shape in the corner, thus enhancing the depth and magnifying the shape of your eyes.

If you go for blue shadow, it's best to go light with the rest of your cosmetics. Bright colors on your lips will compete with the vibrancy of your eye makeup, so stick with shades that are within one to two shades of your natural lip color. A nude or sheer rosy lipstick will give your pout just enough pigment without drawing attention away from your eyes. Since orange is opposite blue on the color wheel, a subtle coral gloss will actually intensify the impact of your eye makeup.

Blue eye makeup is huge this season

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Blue is the color of the season!If you’ve been paying any attention to the world of fashion and beauty this season, you’ve probably noticed how often blue shows up. This classic cool shade is having a resurgence of interest, and if you don’t already have the eyeshadows and eyeliners necessary to pull it off, it’s time to stock up!

According to Allure Magazine, the best thing about this hue is that it’s “bright, sheer, and can be layered to increasing levels of richness.” It will go with almost any outfit and can flatter a variety of skin tones. What’s not to love?

Try it along your upper lash line using blue BABOR – Liquid Eyeliner, then use plenty of mascara to finish the look. (You might even opt for blue mascara for a touch of unexpected color!)

If you’re using blue eyeshadow, try Too Faced – Eye Shadow Duo in Skinny Dip. Sweep the lighter shade over your entire lid, then use the darker hue to darken the crease. Make sure the edges are well blended, then use black liner on your inner rims and finish with mascara. Once you see how versatile blue is, you’ll get a clearer sense of why everyone’s wearing it!