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Tricks for Using Your Beauty Blender!

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Tricks for Using Your Beauty Blender!
The Beauty Blender is an essential tool for all makeup wearers. It makes makeup application easier while also creating a perfect, flawless finish without the possible streaks that other brushes and fingers can leave behind on the skin. Instead of dirtying up multiple brushes for foundation, concealer, contour, and blush, this tool can do it all, making cleanup even easier with just one tool instead of a handful.

When applying foundation, use the bottom of the Beauty Blender or its side to increase the surface area covered on the skin. Use the tip to blend around the eye and nose area and roll the sponge on its side for perfect blending all over the face. Use the Blender easily for concealer and other precise applications of makeup. These are some of the basic methods for using this sponge, but there are many other tricks that can be performed with it as well.

Applying blush becomes a dream with this sponge. Dip the bottom into a cream or liquid blush and bounce it on the back of the hand to evenly distribute the product on the surface of the sponge. Then go ahead and start applying to the cheeks with soft bouncing motions, the same method used to apply foundation, only in a concentrated area on the cheeks. This creates the perfect airbrushed finish, giving the skin a “lit from within” glow. This tool can also blend out cream bronzer or contour colors, giving immediate dimension to the face without the dry, powdery appearance of layers of powder products.

Not only can it be used to apply multiple cream and liquid products, this sponge is also great for powder products such as powder foundation and setting powders. Simply press the sponge into the powder and roll the sponge onto the skin for a gorgeous finish. The sponge can also be used both wet and dry for this method.

Compared to fingers or brushes, the Beauty Blender gives a flawless finish that can be impossible and much more time consuming to attain with other application methods. The moisture within the sponge helps hydrate the skin as well, allowing for products to melt into the skin better, giving the appearance of perfect skin naturally. The Beauty Blender is also hygienic and easy to clean with the specially formulated cleansers or many other household soaps and facial cleansers. The simplicity of this sponge and all of the tasks it can accomplish makes it a unique method for an airbrushed makeup application look.

How to be a blushing beauty

Monday, December 9th, 2013

How to be a blushing beauty

Even though you've been wearing blush for years, you still may not have gotten it quite right. In fact, this is one of the most common makeup mistakes. A natural-looking flush requires more than just sweeping some color onto your cheeks with a brush – you need a combination of just the right tools and tactics.

Follow these tips and you'll have the perfect rosy glow in no time:

Prep properly
Before you even reach for your blush, it's important to prepare your complexion with the right products. Achieve a flawless canvas by starting with primer and then either the foundation formula of your choice or tinted moisturizer. Primer is essential because it ensures that your foundation and your blush go on evenly, and that they both last longer. Once you have evened out your complexion and covered up any flaws, then you

can add some color back with blush.

Pick the right pigment
Choosing the right hue depends on your skin tone. Essentially, you are trying to mimic the color that your cheeks naturally turn when you're cold or a little bit bashful. If you're not sure of the right shade, you can always pinch your cheeks to help you figure it out. Those with fair skin and cool undertones should stick with pink blushes. However, if you have lighter to medium skin with golden undertones, a peachy or coral pigment is best. If you have darker skin, you can opt for deeper berry shades like raspberry and plum. 

Place it strategically
When you're applying pink blush, be sure to focus on the apples of the cheeks, where rosy color tends to pool naturally. Don't know how to find your apples? Look in the mirror and aim for those rounded front parts of your cheeks that pop up when you smile. Placing one finger at the edge of your mouth will tell you where to stop when applying the pigment. Peach blush is better used for sculpting the cheekbones while adding a subtle glow. So when you're applying a blush in this hue, place three fingers along the outside edges of your lips to determine where you should stop brushing it on.

The best kind of brush is dense with soft bristles, has a dome shape and a flattened edge. This kind of tool ensures you can more effectively concentrate color in the right areas.

Swirl the brush into the pigment and then tap it on the edge of the compact to eliminate any excess. Using circular motions, lightly sweep it onto your cheeks.

Cream or powder – which type of blush do you prefer?

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Cream or powder - which type of blush do you prefer?

Every woman has her preferences when it comes to eyeshadow, lipstick and blush. Now that there are a wide variety of cosmetics to choose from on the market, it might be worth narrowing down your options to get the most bang for your buck. These days, blush is commonly found in cream and powder formulas, but which is best?

The fact of the matter is that it comes down to personal taste, according to Cosmopolitan magazine. For some women, powder is easier to apply and more desirable. However, others claim that cream has more staying power, making it worth the extra few minutes it takes to add it flawlessly to your face.

Another benefit of using a cream blush is that it can help you develop a dewy complexion, according to SheKnows. Just keep in mind that you may need to do some thorough blending with your fingers to apply it evenly across your face without creating a caked-on look.

If you have naturally oily skin, a powder may be best for you. Not only will it stay in place in humid weather, but it will cater to your skin type and provide the results you want.

Three tips for sporting orange blush this spring

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Three tips for sporting orange blush this spring

One shade of blush you may want to incorporate into your spring makeup collection this coming season is orange. While this hue may be a little intimidating to wear at first, any woman can come to love this color, which can accentuate the shape of the cheek. Not sure how to wear orange blush like a pro? Here are three key tips to get you started.

1. Use matte formulas
Matte finishes are perfect when using orange blush on your cheeks, according to Beautylish. This can keep the color from becoming too overwhelming and bring out the colors of your face.

2. Look for bronze undertones for spring
To welcome the warm weather, Cosmopolitan magazine suggests choosing an orange blush that has a bronze undertone to give your face a sun-kissed look, just in time for the season.

3. Apply orange to other areas of your face
Heidi Klum writes for AOL that you can easily use orange on your pout and peepers, and doing so can give you a well-rounded look. Think twice before you pass on tangerine lip gloss and eyeliner when you're shopping for makeup!

Tips for sporting hot pink blush like a pro

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Sporting hot pink blush like a pro

You might be accustomed to wearing peach or magenta blush, but when you want to spice things up a bit, hot pink may be right up your alley. That being said, it takes a confident woman to wear hot pink anywhere on her face, whether it’s lipstick on her pout or shimmer on her cheeks. There isn’t a single perfect method you can use to apply blush flawlessly, but there are a few tips you can use to make it easier.

Go light
Because hot pink is an intense color, it’s in your best interest to go light as you begin applying the blush, according to Real Beauty. Remember, you can always add more later – it can be a pain to remove too much makeup and start from scratch.

Choose a powder
A powder blush instead of a cream formula may be best if you’re trying to make a bold appearance. Redbook magazine states that color tends to be brighter due to more pigments in powders.

Coordinate with your skin tone
Skin tone can play a large role in how much hot pink blush you wear. For instance, women with darker skin may need to use more to bring out the color, while those with fair skin might require dramatically less.

Have you ever tried using blush as eyeshadow?

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Your favorite blush would also work well on your eyes!With so many eyeshadow shades available these days, it might seem silly to use anything else to add a pop of color on your lids. But sometimes even the best makeup brands don’t have the exact shades you need to warm up your complexion and add unexpected intrigue to your look, whether it’s for day or night. Luckily, The Beauty Department has a solution.

Although both powder and cream eyeshadows come in colors galore, you might not be able to find the perfect hue to make your eyes come alive. So why not turn to blush, which is the go-to product for waking up your cheeks and enlivening your entire face?

According to the source, it’s perfectly acceptable to use a powder blush for cheeks as an eyeshadow to give your eyes that something extra. Just sweep on your regular eyeshadow shade as usual across your entire lid, then use plenty of blush in the crease.

Once your eyeliner and mascara has also been applied, you’ll see that the added pop of blush enhances the color of your eyes and helps your look stand out!

How to make your blush last all day long

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Keeping your blush looking fresh all day is easier than you think!Chances are, if you know how and where to apply blush, it looks great right after you put it on. However, after a few hours, you might notice that the color is gradually fading, leaving you with bare-looking cheeks. Luckily, Allure Magazine has a couple of steps that will ensure that your blush lasts all day (or night).

To start, pick out a peachy-pink shade of cream blush, like Jane Iredale – In Touch Cream Blush Stick in Connection. Use your fingers to dab it onto the apples of your cheeks, then blend up and out. After the formula’s had a chance to settle in, use a light dusting of translucent powder over the area. This will set the cream.

After the translucent powder, follow up with a sweep of powder blush, like TRUE Cosmetics – Interference Color Rich Blush. It should closely match the shade of cream blush that you used before. This should give you a pretty flush that will last until you’re ready to take it off.

Use blush for an instant pick-me-up

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Use blush for an instant pick-me-upIf you've been keeping up any makeup routine at all, you probably know by now that most of us look better with just a touch of blush on our cheeks, no matter how youthful or natural our looks.

As women get older, in particular, blush becomes a useful tool to help retain a healthy glow. Mature skin requires a slightly different set of rules, however, as some of the same products you used in your 20s are probably not fit for your most flattering look later on in life.

Celebrity makeup artist Sandy Litner and top beauty editor Lois Joy Johnson recommend applying blush to the cheekbones rather than the apples of the cheeks for an instant face-lift, USA Weekend reports.

Moving your pigment just a bit higher helps takes the emphasis away from fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth and toward the structured part of your face. For an even more enhanced glow, use subtle cream highlighters on your cheekbones and browbones, but avoid the shimmer, as glittery products may not be the most flattering option.

Experts weigh in on ideal bridal makeup

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Experts weigh in on ideal bridal makeup Planning your wedding can be an extremely stressful time, up until the very minute you say “I do!” While there may not be a way to avoid worrying about caterers and floral arrangements, a few beauty insiders recently shared simple makeup tips with People Magazine, to ensure that you look your best on your big day.

Though the wedding may be days away, you should start preparing your complexion in advance. “Do not exfoliate the morning of the wedding,” skincare expert Sarah Kugelman told the news source. “Since brides are super stressed that morning, their skin is prone to sensitivities and irritations that it wouldn’t be under normal circumstances. So you don’t want to subject it to anything that could worsen delicate skin.”

Instead, exfoliate your skin a few days before the ceremony, and use a light product like PCA Skin Gentle Exfoliant, which contains smooth beads that delicately polish your skin.

While the parties often go well into the night, remember that most ceremonies are daytime affairs, and wedding photographers are likely to snap pictures of the wedding party in these sunlit hours. Celebrity makeup artist Troy Surratt suggests wearing brown liner and brown-black mascara instead of black, as anything darker may contrast too harshly with the lightness of the day.

For a bit of glamour, try a metallic brown liner, like Too Faced Foiled Liner in Bronze Bombshell, and finish with a few coats of Colorescience Thick and Curly Mascara in Cup O’ Joe, which is smudge-proof and water-resistant, and guaranteed to stay-put during any tears of joy.

However, before you sweep on that mascara, remember to curl your lashes. “It’s a mascara ad secret that curling lashes makes them automatically look two- to three-times longer,” Surratt revealed to the magazine. “You allow more light onto the eye itself, so the eye looks larger and brighter.”

While you may opt for lighter-colored cosmetics, you’ll want to make sure the products last until you bid farewell to your last guest. “A dab of concealer on the eyelids makes a great primer or base for eye shadows,” the beauty expert told the publication. “If you apply powder eye shadow on top, it gives it something to bond to – and it’ll really increase the longevity and the wear of your eye shadow.”

CoverBlend Multi Function Concealer SPF 15 is a non-creasing formula, making it the perfect product to dab on your eyes, as well as any additional problem areas.

To create the perfect wedding pout, you’ll want a product that offers a long-lasting punch of color. “As a bride, the last thing you want to worry about is, ‘do I have enough color on my lips now?,'” Nick Barose, makeup artist to the stars, told the news source. “Lip stain lasts throughout the night – even after kissing or drinking.”

Experts suggest first applying a coat of lip balm to keep lips conditioned, and then covering your lips with a long-lasting, non-drying formula, like Liptini Lip Liqueur Lip Stain, which is available in a wide range of colors, from sheer berry to cherry red. Finally, brush on a clear gloss (look for one with a hint of shimmer for extra shine) and your smile is sure to sparkle in all your photographs.

A lightly flushed cheek can maximize your bridal glow, but to ensure your color lasts, Barose suggests layering a mousse-like blush underneath a powder formula. Start with Pixi Velvet Rouge, a soft and sheer formula that melts into skin for a perfect finish, and top with their Energy Blush, a cheek color and highlighter, to add a final wash of stay-put color.ADNFCR-3538-ID-19888715-ADNFCR