too faced products

All you need to get there, just a little bit sooner, are three little products from Too Faced.

beauty blender

The Beauty Blender is an essential tool for all makeup wearers. It makes makeup application easier while also creating a perfect, flawless finish.

how to apply blush

Even though you’ve been wearing blush for years, you may still not have gotten it quite right.


Every woman has her preferences when it comes to eyeshadow, lipstick and blush.

Three Tips For Sporting Orange Blush This Spring

One shade of blush you may want to incorporate into your spring makeup collection this coming season is orange.

Tips For Sporting Hot Pink Blush Like A Pro

You might be accustomed to wearing peach or magenta blush, but when you want to spice things up a bit, hot pink may be right up your alley.

Have You Ever Tried Using Blush As Eyeshadow?

With so many eyeshadow shades available these days, it might seem silly to use anything else to add a pop of color on your lids.

How To Make Your Blush Last All Day Long

Chances are, if you know how and where to apply blush, it looks great right after you put it on.

How To Save Your Favorite Blush

Picture your favorite blush, which you’ve had for a while and simply can’t live without.

How To Make Your Blush Look Natural

Concerned that your bright pink cheeks have you looking like you’re in clown college?

Blush Colors For Summer

In the wintertime, your rosy cheeks come naturally when you step out into the bitter cold and expose your face to the elements.

Make Better Makeup Choices For Summer

You rotate your outfits depending on the seasons, so why wouldn’t you change up your makeup as well? Your mug has different needs in the summertime, so choose your makeup products accordingly.