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What not to buy your man for Christmas

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Guys don't really need fake eyelashes!When it comes to guys, oftentimes less is more. Whether it's the amount of makeup they prefer or women or their bedtime routines – they tend to like things simple. That's why the idea of false eyelashes for men (guylashes) is a little strange, and probably not the best gift for your man this holiday season. However, according to Glamour magazine, a company in England is hoping to sell them.

Unless your guy is frequently rooting around in your makeup bag looking to steal a bit of your eyeliner or mascara, you may want to stick with a more traditional gift. Cologne, for example, is always a welcome present because guys like smelling nice – especially when they know how much you love it. Try out GIORGIO ARMANI – Emporio Armani Diamonds For Men Eau de Toilette Spray (1.7 oz.), which smells totally fresh.

Guys also appreciate products that do a lot for them, like Jack Black – All Over Wash for Face, Hair, and Body (6 oz.). He can use it to clean every part of his body, which is so convenient and exactly what he wants.

Remember – skip the false guylashes and give him something he can actually use this Christmas!

Rules for putting on fragrance

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

There are certain ways to be sure you're using fragrance right!Many people seem to be a little confused when it comes to how much fragrance to use and where to put it, hence why some wearers tend to assault rather than please noses. However, if done right, wearing fragrance can be a pleasant and sensual experience.

1. Ideally, you should have two different scents. During the warmer season, you should have a light scent. Colder seasons can go with a heavier scent, since you won't be sweating as much.

2. Fragrance works together with your body heat, which means you should put it in places where it will heat up and become a bit stronger. Your wrists, neck and behind your ears are all ideal places.

3. Just use a spray or two! You don't need a ton of cologne or perfume to smell nice. Try a strong scent like GIORGIO ARMANI – Emporio Armani Diamonds For Men Eau de Toilette Spray, which will linger.

4. It may seem like spraying your clothes makes sense, but you should avoid doing it because some fragrances may stain fabrics.

5. Women can benefit a lot from scenting their hair. Just spray a bit of perfume, like Juicy Couture – Viva La Juicy For Women Eau de Parfum Spray onto your brush, then comb through your hair. You'll smell a fresh scent every time you move your head.

Get your guy to smell better

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Good grooming is not only about shaving!Unfortunately, many guys don't realize how much fragrance has an impact on their sexiness. Girls are much more inclined to cozy up to a guy who smells fresh and manly, yet guys still think it's a hassle to add a fragrance into their morning routine.

Retailers out there are starting to pick up on this fact, which explains why there is such a thing as beard perfume. MCMC Fragrances' Dude No. 1 was made by a woman attempting to get her guy to spruce up his aroma. To trick him into smelling better, she made a beard oil that made his fuzz softer and smell a lot better. It sounds strange, but believe it or not people are loving it.

If your guy doesn't have facial hair or you just can't imagine him oiling up his beard, standard men's fragrances like Ralph Lauren – Polo For Men Eu de Toilette Spray are always a good option. If he doesn't like the idea of spritzing himself, why not try introducing a lotion into his routine, like Caswell-Massey – Sandalwood Body Lotion, which will not only make him smell great, but will pamper his skin. Who wouldn't want to reap those benefits?

Fragrance tips for men

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Scent is an important element of attraction!Studies have shown that a person's smell gives clues to their genetic traits, which makes it easier to tell if someone is a good potential mate. Women are attracted to guys who have a strong natural scent, but many ladies also like it when their man wears a signature cologne that reminds them of him even when he's not around. Fragrance for men should complement a natural scent with musky overtones and manly ingredients.

Once you've picked out your signature scent (Ralph Lauren – Polo For Men Eau de Toilette Spray can do no wrong), you need to figure out how much of it to use to smell sexy yet avoid assaulting people's noses. Cologne sprays are easier to apply because you can easily control how much you put on. Try not to spritz yourself with more than two sprays of it each time you put it on. If you have a regular cologne bottle, don't splash it on, just use one finger to dab it on in one or two places.

Pulse points are the best places to apply cologne, as they will help spread the scent with their warmth. These spots include your neck, your inner wrists and your chest. Put it wherever your woman is sure to smell it and she'll be drawn to your sexy aroma.

On bacon perfume and other foodie-inspired fragrances

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

On bacon perfume and other foodie-inspired fragrancesWord has it that Fargginay just went where no other perfume designer has gone before – into the Sunday morning frypan, that is. Their new bacon cologne (pronoucned: ba-cone) is having all sorts of curious effects on noses and stomachs alike.

In light of this kooky fragrance venture, we're wondering what other edible scents might be a bit more palatable for the woman of today. Naturally, we turned to fruits, the most sumptuous foods for both smelling and tasting.

Things have never looked peachier than when you started your day with some JAQUA Peach Parfait Body Mist. This fragrance contains real fruit extracts, so you can surround yourself with that summery smell all day long.

Sula Sun-Kissed Citrus Perfume Oil is a veritable bouquet (or fruit bowl, if you will) of citrus fruits of all kind. Tangerine, lemon, orange and grapefruit all conspire to make this one of the sunniest bursts of fragrance you've ever experienced.

Groom your man: Valentine’s gifts he’s sure to love

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Groom your man: Valentine's gifts he's sure to loveIt's not Father's Day, so why are you still holding that tie? Get your man something he'll really love this Valentine's Day with some thoughtfully selected grooming products.

Exfoliating may not even be a part of his vocabulary, but he'll soon be swearing by the word when he uses Baxter of California's Facial Scrub and comes out feeling like an entirely new person. The formula promotes cell-renewal and contains walnut shell powder to gently remove dead skin and impurities.

If you think he'll enjoy sticking with what he knows, keep in mind that no man doesn't love a good shave. Get him a fancy designer after-shave such as the Giorgio Armani Armani For Men After Shave Lotion. The exotic blend contains tangerine, green lemon and bergamot with woodsy, spicy notes of sandalwood, cedar and oak moss.

Think he's better off just having it all? Gift sets provide a hearty collection of products and they're often less expensive for the value they offer. The Caswell-Massey Sandalwood Worldly Pleasures Collection comes in a neat little package that features a vintage map design and boasts cologne, conditioning shampoo, talc and woodgrain bath soap.

Shave kits and fragrance sets – a great gift for him

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Shave kits and fragrance sets - a great gift for himShopping for a new beau can be tricky – you haven't been together long enough to give an overly intimate gift, but you want the present to express how much you care about him. Instead of picking up a sweater (too impersonal) or a fancy gold watch (too expensive for the beginning of a relationship!), opt for a gift set filled with products he'll appreciate and enjoy.

If your man hates his 5 o'clock shadow, a shave kit is a great idea. He'll get a closer shave and his face will always be kissably smooth. The eShave Ultimate Shaving Set includes fantastic products – pre-shave oil, shaving cream and aftershave – as well as the right tools, such as a 3-blade razor and a shaving brush.

For a present that's a bit more intimate, why not give your guy a fragrance set? A collection of deliciously scented items is sure to be a hit. Most sets include a few different products like cologne, body wash and aftershave, that boast a single scent, such as the Calvin Klein Eternity For Men Gift Set. But there are also collections ideal for men with varied tastes.

The Giorgio Armani Your Scent Your Style Gift Set contains three of the brand's most popular fragrances, giving guys different scents to wear depending on their preference.

Kate Walsh’s perfume for women inspired by men

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Kate Walsh's perfume for women inspired by menIt is often assumed that women will gravitate toward feminine fragrances, potions filled with sweet floral notes. However, when creating her new perfume, Kate Walsh drew inspiration from a surprising source – her boyfriend.

"I was inspired by my boyfriend's scent many years ago," the Private Practice star told People magazine. "I missed his scent after we broke up and I was shopping one day and I was like, 'I don't need my boyfriend to have a boyfriend scent!'"

While the news source reports the fragrance includes typically feminine elements such as vanilla and amber, it also has more masculine notes of wood and musk. Walsh added that she wanted the perfume to remind her of Ralph Lauren Polo, the cologne worn by her first boyfriend.

"I remember going out in high school and coming home and smelling our clothes because the boys wore so much of it that our clothes would smell like it," Walsh told the publication. "…When you associate a smell with something, you have an immediate memory."

While Walsh's fragrance, Boyfriend, won't be available until November, ladies who prefer a more masculine scent can spritz themselves with a bit of Ralph Lauren Polo.

Andy Roddick promotes Lacoste’s Challenge fragrance

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Andy Roddick promotes Lacoste's Challenge fragranceWhile Andy Roddick is perhaps best known as an international tennis sensation, others may recognize him as the new face of Lacoste‘s Challenge fragrance. However, people shouldn’t assume he indulges in a plethora of products just because he is promoting the sexy scent.

"My personal style is pretty much what you’re seeing right now," Roddick, who was wearing a gray t-shirt and jeans, told "There’s really no routine. I shave once every ten days."

Not that women seem to mind. Roddick was voted People magazine’s Sexiest Athlete in 2003 and is married to Brooklyn Decker, who graced the cover of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Ladies who are looking for a new fragrance for their main man may want to consider picking up a bottle of Lacoste Challenge For Men Eau de Toilette Spray. According to the news source, the cologne has a masculine, woody base and features notes of tangerine-lemon citrus and ginger.

Those in the market for a more exotic scent can try Armani Code For Men Eau de Toilette Spray, which contains notes of lemon and olive tree blossom.ADNFCR-3538-ID-19933818-ADNFCR

Experts tell Men’s Health how to best apply cologne

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Experts tell Men's Health how to best apply cologneAccording to a survey conducted by Men’s Health magazine, 56 percent of women say that men should wear cologne every day. However, 99 percent of ladies polled agreed that men shouldn’t smell like fragrance from more than a foot away. So how do you strike the perfect balance when applying your signature scent?

“Apply cologne on the places where you can feel the beats of your heart,” Rochelle Bloom, president of the Fragrance Foundation, told the news source, as the throb adds impact to the scent. Before you leave for work, target areas like wrists, the sides of your neck and over your heart.

Not every product that you use must be scented, industry insider Mikel Cirkus added. In fact, using a cologne, aftershave, body wash and deodorant that all boast different fragrances may result in clashing scents. Instead, opt for items with the same smell. Giorgio Armani‘s fragrance line, Armani Code For Men, offers cologne, after shave balm and lotion, shower gel and a deodorant stick.

Finally, if you find your scent fading, apply one more spritz around 3 pm. “A quick splash midafternoon is a psychological pick-me-up and keeps you smelling wonderful,” Mary Ellen Lapsansky, executive director of the Fragrance Foundation, told the news provider.ADNFCR-3538-ID-19912171-ADNFCR