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One easy way to switch up your colorful eyeliner routine

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Looking for a new way to wear colorful eyeliner?If you're a makeup fanatic, you've probably already tried experimenting with bright, colorful eyeliners as part of your look. They're wonderful for adding a pop of color to your upper lash lines, whether you add them on top of a black eyeliner or not. But if you're looking for something even bolder, maybe it's time to rethink where you draw that eyeliner on.

According to The Beauty Department, one trendy place where you might want to try using colorful eyeliner is along your lower lash lines. But before you go drawing it on, take these tips into account for the rest of your makeup – you don't want your face to be too busy!

Start out by applying the eyeliner along your lower lash lines before you add any other makeup. The brightness will help you gauge when things are getting to be too much as you apply the rest of your products.

The source recommends sticking with a shimmery taupe eyeshadow all over your lids, which will go with whatever color you chose for the eyeliner. Then just coat your top and bottom lashes with black mascara.

Top 5 ways to update the cat-eye look

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Here are the top 5 ways to update your cat eyes!There's nothing sexier than the two perfectly executed swoops of eyeliner that make up the cat eye look. But if you've already mastered the gentle flick at the outer corners, you might be looking for ways to jazz it up. Here are the top five.

1. Super graphic. Take it to the next level by using a black mineral eyeshadow to create a dramatic wing shape that reaches all the way up to your creases and past the ends of your brows.

2. Lifted line. Instead of drawing eyeliner along your upper lash lines before creating the flick, Allure Magazine recommends drawing it a centimeter above. It's subtle with a twist!

3. Colorful. Forget black – colorful eyeliners are trendy and can add a pop of fun to any look. Try matching the shade to your outfit or using a different complementary hue for a colorblocked effect.

4. Squared. Rather than creating the typical pointed shape, turn the ends of your flicks into squares. It might help to draw it on lightly with a pencil first before sealing the deal with liquid eyeliner.

5. Floating. Allure saw this look on the Erdem runways – just create the flicks extending from your creases, without attaching them to lines across your lids.

Want your kohl eyeliners to leave your eyes extra smoldering?

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Want your kohl eyeliners to be even bolder? Try this trick!Kohl eyeliners are wonderful for giving your eyes definition while offering you the convenience of super easy blending. They’re smooth, rich and ideal for creating smoldering smoky eyes. But did you know that there’s a way to make their lines look even bolder? The Beauty Department has a trick that many makeup artists use to give kohl liners the texture and depth of gel eyeliner.

You’ll need a great kohl eyeliner, like Youngblood – Intense Color Eye Pencil, along with an open flame from a lighter, candle or gas stovetop. Please make sure you use caution! All you have to do is hold the pencil over the flame for less than a second to lightly liquefy it – a quick swipe is really all it takes.

Wait for the pencil to cool down for 15 seconds, then test it out on the back of your hand. The news source recommends rolling it on your hand to mold the tip and keep it pointed. When that’s done, apply the eyeliner as usual to your lash lines or inner rims. You should notice that this leaves you with a ton of color payoff that really gets into the spaces between your lashes, giving you greater definition and plenty of sexy attitude!

Eyeliner Spectrum – From Sexy to Scary

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Eyeliner Spectrum

Eyeliner is a powerful accessory. From Cleopatra to Lady Gaga, women have been using eyeliner for everything from seduction to standing out. Which look best suits your style?

How to conceal tired-looking eyes

Monday, August 16th, 2010

How to conceal tired-looking eyesSometimes you wake up with red, puffy eyes that scream to the world that you shed a few tears in the night – whether you had a fight with your boyfriend or got caught up watching The Notebook. And while sunglasses can hide your weary peepers during your commute, once you get to work you’ll need to remove your shades and look bright-eyed and put together.

Instead of crawling back into bed – or worse, having to explain to coworkers why your eyes are swollen – you can employ a few simple makeup tricks to cover up the fact that you cried the night before.

According to, a flesh-colored eyeliner may be your best friend. “[Using] a shade that’s just slightly darker than your natural skin tone will nicely cover up the red that’s currently rimming your eyes,” the news source reports, adding that while matte pencils are more subtle, formulas with a shimmer have more eye-brightening power.

To cover up the reddish-purple under-eye circles that often follow sleepless nights, opt for a peach or yellow-toned concealer – peach will look more natural, but yellow concealer will be more brightening, the news provider states.ADNFCR-3538-ID-19926426-ADNFCR

Use Youngblood products to create a subtle smoky eye

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Use Youngblood products to create a subtle smoky eyeA smoky eye is one of the fastest ways to add glamor to your appearance, but some women shy away from the sultry look because of its inherent intensity. However, ladies who’d like a smoldering stare without too much drama can opt for a lightly smoked eye.

According to, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian recently rocked two different takes on the smoky eye at the Beach Bunny Swimwear runway show in Miami, Florida. Kourtney chose the more subtle look, opting for taupe and gray shadows and mile-long fake lashes.

Kim amped up the drama a bit with the addition of black liner, but still kept the overall look soft by using muted shadows, like her sister. She, too, donned faux lashes.

Creating a soft, smoky eye isn’t too difficult, especially using Youngblood products. The brand offers Crushed Mineral Eyeshadows, which are soft and blendable, perfect for crafting a sultry yet subtle look. Select shades like Haze, a matte taupe, and Cashmere, a dark gray shimmer, using the darker color along the lash line and the lighter tone on the lids.

To bring a bit of drama to your stare, apply eyeliner to the outer corners of your eyes and make sure your lashes are long. Use Intense Color Eye Pencil, a long-lasting formula which is still soft enough to smudge, and finish with a coat of Mineral Lengthening Mascara.ADNFCR-3538-ID-19899807-ADNFCR