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Are your feet ready for summer weather?

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Are your feet ready for summer weather?

Before you hit the beach this summer, you're going to want to make sure that your feet are soft and smooth to the touch. Doing so can spare you from embarrassment when it comes time to slip on your flip-flops. If you've been hiding your feet in sneakers and boots all winter long, they likely need a little TLC. Here are some tips for soft, callus-free feet.

Exfoliate regularly
Just as you do with your face and other parts of your body, Daily Glow stated that it's necessary to use an exfoliant on your feet. This removes dead skin and makes it easier for moisturizer to be absorbed.

Soak your feet
Global Post claimed that soaking your feet in hot water for five to 10 minutes on a routine basis can help you prevent them from drying out and cracking.

Wear comfortable, breathable shoes
The key to healthy feet begins with what you wear on them. Ideally, you should wear shoes that fit your feet properly and allow them to breathe. This can prevent the development of blisters and hard-to-remove calluses over time.

Do you know how to get baby-soft lips, feet and hands?

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Do you know how to get baby soft lips, feet and hands?

Three parts of the body that should always be silky smooth are the lips, feet and hands, but this can be difficult to achieve. A lack of moisture is typically the culprit for all of these problems. However, you may not see the results you desire, even after a hydrating lotion or balm is applied to keep these areas smooth. Here are some tips on how to tackle your biggest skincare challenges and get back to having a supple, touchable body.

Pay attention to your pout

You can never wear too much chapstick! While lip balm may seem like an obsession more suitable for a teen, this product can be the difference between chapped lips and a pout that says, “Kiss me!” Regular application is necessary in order to keep dry skin at bay, especially during the winter, when the humidity in the air drops. If you’re finding it especially challenging to keep your lips moist, Shape magazine recommends bringing a humidifier into your bedroom to keep the environment from becoming too dry indoors.

Finally, try to avoid licking your lips at all costs, even if you don’t have lip balm handy! The enzymes in your saliva may be causing more irritation and dryness than you realize. If you’re picky when it comes to lipstick brands, it might be worth looking into products with moisturizing formulas that work to your advantage throughout the day.

Don’t forget about your hands

In addition to seeing your beautiful face, people are likely going to want to shake your hand when meeting you for the first time. What’s more embarrassing than rough, dry hands while you’re trying to make a positive first impression? That being said, it’s never too late to begin exercising a more efficient hand moisturizing technique. Whether you’re a constant hand washer or you don’t take care of them during the chilly winter months, you may be a victim of dry hands.
Don't forget about your hands
One way to make sure that you’re always doing your best to keep your hands supple and smooth is to use a lotion immediately after washing them. Don’t skip the moisturizer, especially after exposing your hands to water, and you’ll notice a positive change. Another way to ensure that you’re never embarrassed by your hands is to use a cream, which can penetrate into deeper layers of your skin, according to Daily Glow. If you aren’t into the idea of wearing a slow-absorbing moisturizer, wait to apply the cream until you’re about to hit the hay to avoid irritation.

Give your feet some TLC

Your feet can be some of the most challenging parts of your body to take care of on a regular basis, primarily because you’re always using them. However, there are a few simple ways you can keep your feet just as silky smooth as your hands and lips. Don’t underestimate the power of exfoliants and soaks, according to Our Vanity. Foot baths can soften your skin and help you remove dead cells from the surface, which may be contributing to cracked heels and roughness.

Finally, take the time to find a foot cream that provides the hydration they need to stay soft over time. If dry skin still persists, you may want to consider wearing more comfortable shoes and spending less time on your feet, which might be negatively impacting the skin on your heels.

Whether your pout has always been a problem for you or you’ve never been able to enjoy soft hands, these tips can help. In the end, educating yourself and taking the time to find adequate moisturizers for your specific issue can yield more significant results.

Do you struggle with calluses?

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Do you struggle with calluses?From tight-fitting stilettos to flats that pinch your feet throughout the day, looking fabulous can have it's price, and it often comes in the form of calluses and dry heels. If you struggle day in and day out with calluses, now is the time to take action. With a few of these quick tips, you can get rid of calluses once and for all and rejuvenate your feet.

Ill-fitting shoes are the main culprit behind calluses, and if you spend most of your time rushing around the office, it's easy to understand why they can have such a damaging effect on feet. Once you get home, it's important to put your feet up – literally. With a nourishing sugar and mango foot polish, you can hydrate the dry skin on your feet and give your heels a vital dose of nutrients.

When it comes to treating stubborn calluses, you'll need to call in the big guns. A fluid designed to slough away tough, hardened skin, and soften calluses can be an excellent resource and deliver spot-specific treatment to coarse heels.

But above all, if you want to prevent calluses, you should consider changing up your footwear. If heels are mandatory around your office, try slipping into sneakers when you're driving or traveling to work. While at your desk, you can change your pointed heels for comfortable sandals that won't place pressure on your feet. 

Would you ever make your own foot wraps?

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Would you ever make your own foot wraps?Have you noticed your feet are looking a little worse for wear? After spending all summer strolling along the beach and pounding the pavement in casual flip flops, it's no surprise your heels are cracked and worn, but now that summer's long gone, shouldn't you give your feet the attention they've been craving?

While products like BABOR – Spa Mediterranee Cooling Foot Spray are great for refreshing and deodorizing feet after a long day at work, if you want to replenish your skin, you can try creating a foot wrap of your very own using olive oil, lemon juice and cucumbers!

After mixing these ingredients together, try tossing them in a bag and soaking your feet in the mix for five to 10 minutes. You can rinse your feet off once you're done – just be prepared to marvel at how rejuvenated they look!

Once you've given your toesies the treat they've been hoping for, you can continue to show them you care with BORGHESE – Spa Socks, which keep feet protected and skin firm. Featuring a rejuvenating mix of jojoba, olive and grape seed oils, you can rest your weary heels knowing you've got these cozy socks. 

Don’t forget about your feet this winter

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Don't forget to care for your feet this winter!Chances are, you’re not wearing flip-flops or strappy sandals much this winter. Instead, you’re likely banishing your feet into a pair of boots and forgetting all about them. However, some holiday occasions do call for dressier footwear, and you don’t want to be caught off-guard!

While you don’t need a weekly pedicure to keep your toes looking fresh all winter, it’s a good idea to give your feet a bit more TLC than you normally would. That means getting rid of any calluses or rough spots before the shower. Lippmann Collection – Foot Fetish Dual Sided Foot File is the perfect tool.

Since cold weather is drying to your entire body, your feet will likely need a bit of refreshment. Use Get Fresh – Rescue Me Intensive Foot Repair Creme to put the kibosh on dry skin and keep your soles smooth. You’ll get the best results if you slather it on before bed, then put on a pair of clean cotton socks. The rich creme will all be absorbed by morning, leaving your feet supple and touchable.

Combat hyperkeratosis for smoother skin

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Your feet will be smooth as a baby's!Hyperkeratosis is a thickening of the skin due to an excessive accumulation of a protective protein called keratin. Your skin forms keratin to protect against rubbing, pressure and other irritation. Irritating chemicals, chronic inflammation, infection and excessive sunlight can also cause hyperkeratosis.

Elbows, knees, palms and heels are the areas most commonly affected because they tend to bear a lot of weight. Calluses, corns and a darkening of the skin often develop, which can be unattractive. Wearing comfortable shoes and protecting your skin from rubbing can help prevent hyperkeratosis. Avoid too much leaning on your elbows and knees so they don’t thicken.

If you have hyperkeratosis on your feet, a product with glycolic acid, like NeoStrata – Foot Gel Plus AHA 15, can help relieve your dry, thickened heels and moisturize for a smoother surface. For all other areas, use NeoStrata – Gel Plus AHA 15 for the same type of relief. Call a health care professional if your corns or calluses are painful or if you notice a thickening of your foot, which looks like a plantar wart – these conditions might require special treatment. As long as you take the time to prevent and treat symptoms, your skin will look smooth and supple.