Whether you intend to be glamorous or downright scary this Halloween, chances are, what you need for your costume makeup may already be in your cosmetic bag or at your favorite makeup store.


Have you thought of your Halloween costume yet? Check out our favorite celeb’s Halloween costumes and how they did their makeup!

Get Rid Of Your Halloween Makeup Without Ruining Your Complexion

On Halloween night, your costume was probably spooky enough to raise ghosts, but come morning, you don’t want to look like the walking dead!

halloween nails

From eerie cobwebs to creating your own Frankenstein, what better time to get creative with your nails than Halloween?

Keep Your Face Looking Radiant – Even With A Halloween Mask

You don’t have to avoid make-up just because you’re masquerading!

Get Frightfully Fashionable Beauty Tips For Your Halloween Costume

Do you eagerly count down the days to Halloween, but always have trouble picking out the perfect costume?


Looking for neck-up costume? Check out these costumes tailored to your makeup skills.

Have You Ever Considered Rainbow Eyeliner?

If the first few colors you think of when you hear the word “eyeliner” are black, brown and MAYBE white, it’s probably time to spice it up a bit.

How To Get The "Blood-Dipped" Nails From Prabal Gurung

If you’re looking for a creepy nail look to wear this Halloween, the nail art from Prabal Gurung’s recent runway show is the perfect choice.

Candy Corn Nails In Honor Of Halloween

Funky nails are everywhere lately, so if you’re looking to spruce up your manicure this Halloween season, why not go with a candy corn-inspired polish job?

Get A Bit Vampy This Halloween

Halloween is a great time to rock trends that you’d normally never even consider wearing – like extra-dark lipstick, crazy fake eyelashes and super long nails.

There are a few costumes that are considered old standbys – cat, witch, bride. However, every year there are a few new get-ups that you just know are going to be especially popular, as they reflect a current fad that’s sweeping the nation.