Locked And Loaded: How To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

Using a powerful combination of products and the right techniques, you can lock your look from day to night, regardless of the conditions around you.

Makeup Tips From The Pros

With these tips under your belt, you’ll nearly be a makeup pro yourself.

Tips For Enviable Lashes

Follow these tips and you’ll be catching the eyes of onlookers with just one bat of your peepers.

Back To School: Basic Makeup Tips That Always Apply

After a carefree summer of simply smearing on some sunscreen and a coat of mascara before heading out the door, it’s time to head back to the harsh, fluorescent-lit classroom.

Striking It Big With Rose Gold Makeup

Rose gold has officially gone from a mere trend to a full-blown obsession.

Tips For Rocking Bold Brows

Move over, pencil-thin eyebrows: bold is back.

How To Get A Magnificently Messy Mane

While a perfectly polished blowout can be inarguably alluring, there’s something about an unkempt ‘do that’s effortlessly sultry.

How to style short hair

Whether you’re already rocking a shorter length or are tempted to make the cut, you’ll need to consider these particular products and styling tricks first:

DIY beauty solutions

While do-it-yourself projects typically involve hot glue guns and MacGyver-like skills, you can also DIY when it comes to your beauty products.

Bright Eyes: How To Wear Colored Lashes

Mascara in eye-popping shades from fuschia to emerald can completely transform your look.

green smoky tutorial

As summer fades into fall, green is a great option for a more eclectic take on the smoky eye trend.

braided hairstyles

Braids have come a long way from their prairie days.