Check out last year’s biggest hits and worst misses from your favorite celebrities.

Holiday Party Eyeshadow Pairing by Personality Type

Head to Toe Naturally Beautiful

Warming Up Winter Wears

Zoom Looking for neck-up costume? Check out these costumes tailored to your makeup skills. Cat: Break out the black liquid liner for this weekend and cat eye look, meow! Doll: Create the illusion of a doll’s mouth with bright red lipstick and foundation. Comic Book: Create a comic texture with dots of lipstick. Complete your […]

Zoom   It’s a new season of New Girl, which leading lady are you trying to emulate this Fall? Jess Lips: Use a pink, matte lipstick for vintage charm Cheeks: Apply a flirty blush at the apples of your cheeks Eyes: Jazz up your black eyeliner with a wingtip Cece Lips: Slick on a sheer […]

Stay ahead of the color curve.

Caring for your Skin Type: Adopt this habits for your unique skin type to maintain an even, blemish-free tone.

Tips for Creating Optical Illusions that Brighten and Open Your Eyes:

Zoom Hey Gorgeous, Miss a Spot? Regularly applying sunscreen will keep you from looking like a human lobster. It is also reduces the possibility of wrinkles later on down the line. Sometimes, despite your diligence, a few places can get passed over. Here are some commonly missed spots that you seriously don’t want to burn! […]

It’s no secret that air travel can leave you looking less than fresh. But with careful planning and packing, you can arrive looking radiant and rested – even if you’re not. Use the guide below to pack your carry-on with essential items to combat the dry air of the airplane cabin.

Were opaque tights your best friend this winter? Tell them to take a hike. Follow this beauty advice and cool your smooth legs by the pool.