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3 items you must have in your beach bag this summer

Friday, June 7th, 2013

3 items you must have in your beach bag this summer

If you plan on hitting the beach this summer, you're going to need more than just a large bottle of suntan lotion to look your best on the shore. In addition to SPF makeup and moisturizer to protect yourself from the sun, there are a few other key items you should include in your beach bag. 

1. Waterproof mascara
Because you'll likely be taking a dip in the ocean, Real Simple magazine claims that you'll want to have waterproof mascara on hand to make sure that your peepers always look beautiful when you're a little wet. A moisture-proof formula also ensures that sweat won't cause your makeup to run under the sun.

2. Sun hat
Both your scalp and your luscious locks can get burned under the scorching sun. AOL recommends bringing a sun hat along for your trip for the utmost protection. Your burn-free scalp will thank you for wearing it later!

3. SPF lip balm
The salty air can quickly dry out your plump pout while you're near the sea. Make sure to include an SPF lip balm in your beach bag to keep your lips hydrated, protected and silky smooth.

Experts weigh in on ideal bridal makeup

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Experts weigh in on ideal bridal makeup Planning your wedding can be an extremely stressful time, up until the very minute you say “I do!” While there may not be a way to avoid worrying about caterers and floral arrangements, a few beauty insiders recently shared simple makeup tips with People Magazine, to ensure that you look your best on your big day.

Though the wedding may be days away, you should start preparing your complexion in advance. “Do not exfoliate the morning of the wedding,” skincare expert Sarah Kugelman told the news source. “Since brides are super stressed that morning, their skin is prone to sensitivities and irritations that it wouldn’t be under normal circumstances. So you don’t want to subject it to anything that could worsen delicate skin.”

Instead, exfoliate your skin a few days before the ceremony, and use a light product like PCA Skin Gentle Exfoliant, which contains smooth beads that delicately polish your skin.

While the parties often go well into the night, remember that most ceremonies are daytime affairs, and wedding photographers are likely to snap pictures of the wedding party in these sunlit hours. Celebrity makeup artist Troy Surratt suggests wearing brown liner and brown-black mascara instead of black, as anything darker may contrast too harshly with the lightness of the day.

For a bit of glamour, try a metallic brown liner, like Too Faced Foiled Liner in Bronze Bombshell, and finish with a few coats of Colorescience Thick and Curly Mascara in Cup O’ Joe, which is smudge-proof and water-resistant, and guaranteed to stay-put during any tears of joy.

However, before you sweep on that mascara, remember to curl your lashes. “It’s a mascara ad secret that curling lashes makes them automatically look two- to three-times longer,” Surratt revealed to the magazine. “You allow more light onto the eye itself, so the eye looks larger and brighter.”

While you may opt for lighter-colored cosmetics, you’ll want to make sure the products last until you bid farewell to your last guest. “A dab of concealer on the eyelids makes a great primer or base for eye shadows,” the beauty expert told the publication. “If you apply powder eye shadow on top, it gives it something to bond to – and it’ll really increase the longevity and the wear of your eye shadow.”

CoverBlend Multi Function Concealer SPF 15 is a non-creasing formula, making it the perfect product to dab on your eyes, as well as any additional problem areas.

To create the perfect wedding pout, you’ll want a product that offers a long-lasting punch of color. “As a bride, the last thing you want to worry about is, ‘do I have enough color on my lips now?,'” Nick Barose, makeup artist to the stars, told the news source. “Lip stain lasts throughout the night – even after kissing or drinking.”

Experts suggest first applying a coat of lip balm to keep lips conditioned, and then covering your lips with a long-lasting, non-drying formula, like Liptini Lip Liqueur Lip Stain, which is available in a wide range of colors, from sheer berry to cherry red. Finally, brush on a clear gloss (look for one with a hint of shimmer for extra shine) and your smile is sure to sparkle in all your photographs.

A lightly flushed cheek can maximize your bridal glow, but to ensure your color lasts, Barose suggests layering a mousse-like blush underneath a powder formula. Start with Pixi Velvet Rouge, a soft and sheer formula that melts into skin for a perfect finish, and top with their Energy Blush, a cheek color and highlighter, to add a final wash of stay-put color.ADNFCR-3538-ID-19888715-ADNFCR

L’Occitane’s Peach Blossom Beauty To Go kit offers portable fragrance for the summer

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

L'Occitane's Peach Blossom Beauty To Go kit offers portable fragrance for the summerOn hot and humid days, even fragrances that are subtle and elegant in the wintertime can seem cloying or too strong. However, many women don’t feel dressed without a splash of scent.

So what’s the solution? Those who love perfume can work to find crisp and clean fragrances that will be refreshing, not sickening or overwhelming, when the next heat wave hits.

Women who want something with a few simple notes will love L’Occitane‘s Peach Blossom Beauty, which features the scent of fresh peaches (of course), as well as lemon, bergamot, peony, almond, cedar and iris.

L’Occitane’s to-go kit is perfect for women on the move. It features a 1.7 ounce eau de toilette spray, a soft-scented lip balm and a peach-colored travel pouch. Those who carry the kit will find it easy to stay fresh despite the heat!

Stash the portable bottle in your purse for a quick spritz, and don’t forget to slip the lip balm in your makeup bag before heading out for the day.ADNFCR-3538-ID-19867844-ADNFCR

Protect your skin this summer with the right products

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Protect your skin this summer with the right productsMany women fret over what makeup is most appropriate for the summer months. Some feel uncomfortable wearing less than foundation, lipstick and mascara, while others are good to go after a swipe of tinted lip balm and a dusting of loose powder.

However, when it comes to sun protection, the right products will work for nearly everyone.

First and foremost, finding and using effective sun protection may be one of the best things a woman can do for her appearance and her health.

Rilastil Suncare Lotion with SPF 40 is water and sweat-resistant, and contains ingredients that are nourishing to skin, like vitamin E and an anti-aging vegetable complex. The high level of protection makes it ideal for women who have sensitive or very fair skin, and it may even be used on babies.

Next, a lip balm with sun protection is another must. Shady Lady lip balm contains SPF 30, so your pout will be as protected and preserved as your visage the next time you step out on the beach.

Of course, many women still want a healthy glow. Try a sunless tanner like Fake Bake self-tanning lotion to score a bronzed complexion without damaging your skin.ADNFCR-3538-ID-19867840-ADNFCR