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An easy trick for fuller lips in an instant

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

The trick to fuller lips is to highlight the upper outline!If your lips are on the thin side, you’ve probably tried all kinds of methods to make your pout look fuller. From plumping lip gloss to bold shades of lipstick, you might have given up all hope of volumizing your lips without some kind of unnatural filler. However, The Beauty Department has a great trick to make your lips look bigger in an instant, and it’s not hard to master!

According to the source, all you’ll need is a highlighting lip liner pencil like Too Faced – Luster Liner Pearl Effects Lip Pencil in Tahitian or Akoya, as well as your favorite shade of BABOR – Filling Lip Color.

The idea here is that you’ll use the highlighter to brighten up the top line of your lips, which will bring them forward on your face and make them look larger. Simply use the pencil to trace along the upper line of your lips, including the cupid’s bow. Stretch it from one corner to the other. You should also use the pencil to highlight your philtrum (the two grooves stretching from your nose to the upper points of your lip).

Use your finger to blend the lines so they look natural but aren’t completely faded, then apply your lipstick as usual. Nice, huh?

Fuchsia lips: this season’s hottest new accessory

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Fuchsia lips are this season's hottest accessories!Not everyone has the cash to drop on a new handbag or a pair of trendy shoes to celebrate the new season. If you’re looking for an affordable way to update your style, Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog recommends picking up a fuchsia shade of lipstick.

Not only is this pinkish-purple shade showing up on lips everywhere, but it’s super-wearable for ladies of all skin tones. Whether you’re fair, tan, olive or dark – there’s a shade of fuchsia BORGHESE – B Moisture Advanced Care Lipcolour with your name on it!

According to the source, the lighter your skin is, the more blue undertones you want to incorporate into your lip color. Darker skin tones can experiment with pinker shades of fuchsia. Just make sure that before you apply the lipstick, you line your lips with Jane Iredale – Lip Pencil. This will not only give your lipstick a base to stick to, but it will prevent the color from feathering onto your face. Pair the lips with bold smoky eyes or go neutral to make the hue really pop!