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Khloe Kardashian Odom rocks red lips

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Khloe Kardashian Odom rocks red lips

Khloe Kardashian Odom knows how to show off her lips. Whether it’s with bright colors or more subdued tones, the member of the Kardashian clan has always done her best to embrace the hottest makeup trends. The television personality and reality star has previously made waves for her nude lipstick choices, but she recently rocked a bold red shade at a launch of one of her family’s business ventures. Her red lipstick was perfectly applied to show off her plump pout.

To accent her bold lip choice, Kardashian Odom created a smokey eye with the help of brown eyeliner and just the right amount of brown eyeshadow. The effect set off her big brown eyes without mixing too much contrasting color into her makeup, and she was sure to maintain a natural look throughout the rest of her face, balancing out her makeup and emulating a classic, old-Hollywood elegance.

This vintage style was carried through to Kardashian Odom’s hairstyle, which featured soft waves swept to one side of her face. To incorporate a modern edge into the look, she wore it all with the popular ombre coloring.

Amber Rose goes for bright colors at the BET Awards

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Amber Rose goes for bright colors at the BET Awards

Amber Rose was a beacon of bright color when she hit the red carpet at the BET Awards Sunday, June 30. While she isn't the first celebrity to rock the bold hues in front of photographers, the model and personality did it in a way that was all her own. 

All eyes were immediately drawn to Rose's bright fuchsia lipstick when she stepped out on the red carpet. The matte coloring complemented her light pink blush without overpowering her face, and it worked perfectly with an otherwise demure yellow and black outfit. With so many famous faces incorporating the bright pink and violet colors into their lip makeup, this trend is definitely one that is gaining popularity – and could even be seamlessly integrated into your next look. 

Rose also managed to use eye makeup in a way that made her look refreshes without being too over the top – quite the feat for the young mom. By applying white eyeliner to her lower waterline, she allowed her eyes too pop while still maintaining a fresh and summery look. The effect also made her eyelashes look big, framing her light brown eyes perfectly. 

Allison Janney knows fuchsia works well on her lips

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Allison Janney knows fuchsia works well on her lips

When you're in the spotlight, you always need to look fabulous for the public, as actress Allison Janney will tell you. Recently, the celebrity was at the premiere of "The Way, Way Back" in New York City, and she appeared more glamorous than ever.

On the red carpet, she chose to wear a fuchsia lipstick – something that more actresses seem to be doing – to bring out the best in her pout. Around her eyes, she wore black eyeliner to give her appearance some drama. However, it was her eyeshadow that truly stole the show – Janney decided to go with a blue-gray metallic eyeshadow to add some flair to her overall look. While some might have come to see her outfit, she didn't disappoint with her makeup!


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you want to hop on the trend of pink lipstick, there are a couple of ways you can pull it off like a pro. First, always make sure to try out various shades before deciding on one to see how it does with your skin tone. Then, InStyle magazine recommended adding translucent powder on top of your pout to create a matte effect.

Maggie Gyllenhaal looks lovely in fuchsia

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Maggie Gyllenhaal looks lovely in fuchsia

When you're as big of a movie star as Maggie Gyllenhaal, you know that you need to bring your A-game when you're out in public. This means wearing just the right amount of makeup and hair products to show off your natural beauty. 

Recently, Gyllenhaal proved that she's ready for anything that's thrown her way at the premiere of "White House Down" in New York City. The actress decided to wear virtually no eye makeup aside from a bit of dark eyeliner along the top rims of her peepers. She allowed her pout to do the talking – figuratively and literally – with a fuchsia lipstick that fell in line with popular colors of the summer season.

It seemed that Gyllenhaal didn't need to wear several cosmetics to make a memorable impression on the crowd, and you don't have to, either! You can turn heads by wearing just the right lipstick and going subtle with your eyes like the actress did on the red carpet.

To ensure that your pout has a warm look after applying a bold, in-your-face lipstick, InStyle magazine recommended using a golden gloss as a top coat for the perfect touch.

Lucy Hale dazzles in public appearance in NYC

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Lucy Hale dazzles in public appearance in NYC

If you haven't heard of her yet, chances are you're going to in the near future – actress Lucy Hale is blowing up for numerous reasons. Her starring role on the show, "Pretty Little Liars," is just one of many projects she's been working on as of late. Hale continues to gain fans around Hollywood and the rest of the world, which may be why she was chosen to promote the Bongo Boutique at Union Square in New York City.

Earlier this month, Hale was present for the debut of the shop, which drew a large crowd in the heart of the city. In the spirit of summer, Hale wore a black spaghetti strap tank top that showed her belly with a lacy beige skirt. She had an adorable panama hat on her head that shielded her brunette locks from the high sun.

On her pout, Hale wore a subtle pink lipstick. Around her eyes, she chose to go with a black liquid eyeliner that highlighted her peepers, which are known for being one of her most beautiful features.

If you want to highlight the natural beauty and color of your lips like Hale, Daily Glow recommended protecting them from the sun. This can prevent discoloration, which can put a damper on your pout.

Gwen Stefani confidently wears red on her pout to movie premiere

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Gwen Stefani confidently wears red on her pout to movie premiere

One singer who's had her fair share of red carpet events to attend is Gwen Stefani. Since her illustrious career began with No Doubt, she's been touring the world, getting married, having children and running a fashion line in between. Recently, she made time to attend the premiere of "Monsters University" with her family and looked fabulous while doing so.

Stefani didn't show much of her peepers while she was on the red carpet, donning blue sunglasses. However, the rest of her face was visible, including her pout, which was coated in a vibrant red lipstick. It seems that the pop star is making it a point to capitalize on this trend – bold lipstick. Stefani is one of many women around Hollywood who's doing so and welcoming the summer season.

If you're interested in the idea of wearing red lipstick but you think it might be too bold, there are a couple of ways you can ensure that you're never giving off the wrong impression. The Huffington Post recommended exfoliating your lips before applying the lipstick. Then, add a coat of concealer onto your pout to give yourself a solid base.

Gwen Stefani knows how to confidently wear red lipstick

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Gwen Stefani knows how to confidently wear red lipstick

These days, not everyone can pull off the blonde bombshell look flawlessly. With so many fake blondes walking around, it takes a confident woman to wear the color brilliantly and pair it with the perfect makeup! Gwen Stefani, the lead singer of No Doubt, is one woman who can tell you all about it.

Throughout her illustrious music career, Stefani has become renowned for her natural beauty and blonde locks. Additionally, she’s popular for her choices of makeup and clothing – is it any wonder that she now has her own fashion line?

Recently, Stefani showed up to the premiere of “The Bling Ring” in Los Angeles, Calif., looking more stunning than ever. The singer wore bright red lipstick on her pout and a bit of silver eyeshadow to open up her peepers. On her lashes, she had a bit of black mascara to give them more volume and length.

Not sure how to wear red lipstick like a pro? The Huffington Post recommends playing with different shades until you find one that complements your skin tone. Then, exfoliate your lips before application to ensure that the lipstick goes on smoothly.

If you have trouble finding the right lipstick that matches both your natural skin tone and your personal taste, check out Lipstick Queen.

Take a hint from Marilyn Monroe when it comes to lipstick

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Take a hint from Marilyn Monroe when it comes to lipstick

These days, it seems like more women are looking back in time to find makeup that truly pops and gives them a unique appearance. The 1950s come to mind when most people think of Hollywood glam, and for good reason. This is a time when women like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor reigned supreme, and their makeup styles are still trendy today.

Specifically, fire engine red lips are back at the top of every woman’s list, according to InStyle magazine. Why? Because it’s sexy and easy to do with the right long-lasting, bold lipstick. Just because you aren’t a movie star doesn’t mean that you can’t rock this look. It’s also being seen more often in the office – thank “Mad Men” for that!

To pull off red lipstick like a pro, it’s important to be confident. Don’t be shy about smiling and showing off your pout when you’re wearing this color. Real Simple magazine also recommends picking a soft, sheer shade for the daylight hours to avoid creating an in-your-face appearance. Reserve opaque hues for your nightlife when you really want to stand out!

Emma Watson keeps it simple for L.A. movie premiere

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Emma Watson keeps it simple for an L.A. movie premiere

Emma Watson doesn’t have to wear makeup if she doesn’t want to – the actress is known for her natural beauty on and off the silver screen. However, Watson often draws positive feedback from onlookers for sporting just the right amount of cosmetics to highlight her flawless features.

This is just what she did when she showed up to the premiere of “This Is The End” in Los Angeles, Calif. Watson, who has little fine lines and wrinkles to worry about at her age, appeared to be wearing only a bit of concealer to hide blemishes. On her cheeks, she wore a rose blush that gave her an energetic, lively appearance. Watson played it simple with both her eye and lip makeup, which she’s renowned for doing in public. On her eyes, she wore a hint of dark mascara and opted for a light pink lipstick on her pout. It was an elegant look for an actress who’s nothing but chic.

If you always feel like you can never find just the right shade of pink for your lips, InStyle magazine recommends trying to match the color to your gums for a look that isn’t too bold or subtle.

Ellen Page smiles for photographers with bold lipstick on her pout

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Ellen Page smiles for photographers with bold lipstick on her pout

These days, it seems like more celebrities are getting braver when it comes to their makeup choices. Bold lipstick and dark, dramatic eyeliner are growing in popularity, and why not? Anything goes on the red carpet, and this is exactly what Ellen Page recently proved in Los Angeles.

Page was present for the premiere of “The East,” and she looked simply stunning in a little black dress that hugged her body in all the right places. While she didn’t do anything unusual with her brunette locks, Page stepped it up with bold makeup that gave her face a chic, 21st-century look. On her lips, she wore a muted red lipstick that complemented her fair skin tone. Around her eyes, she had black mascara that gave her lashes some length. Her cheeks were a bit rosy with a hint of pink blush, which topped off her entire appearance.

You don’t need to be attending a red carpet event to flaunt daring lipstick colors like Page! For instance, you can easily make a statement by simply opting for vivid lipstick for your next outing. Real Simple magazine recommends going light on the eye makeup to allow your pout to do all of the work.