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Treatment Foundations

Sunday, March 29th, 2015

Treatment FoundationsWhen it comes to your beauty regimen, nothing is more important than your skin. As the most visible part of your face, your skin is your beauty “base”; nothing lets your health and beauty shine through like smooth, glowing skin. However, even the most stunning, well-maintained complexions have flaws that need to be covered. But with so many products on the market–moisturizers, anti-aging serums, foundations, concealers–getting a dewy, flawless look with healthy skin underneath can involve some very long shopping trips!

Luckily, many of the biggest names in beauty have devised a solution to this problem. Treatment foundations–a new generation of foundations that improve your skin’s condition as well as its appearance–debuted on the beauty scene this past summer. As you go about your day, these multi-tasking foundations reverse the passage of time with anti-aging ingredients, such as candle bush extract, an active ingredient in Sothys Teint Satine Age-Defying Foundation. With continued use, treatment foundations plump up fine lines and soften wrinkles. They also protect skin from free radicals (harmful chemicals in the environment) with ingredients like vitamin E, as seen in Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Foundation, and often contain SPF, further minimizing the number of bottles on your bureau.

They may work hard to make your skin look better in the future, but treatment foundations also do wonders for 8 AM meetings and nights on the town. Sothys Teint Satine Age-Defying Foundation uses a wide range of Omega acids to revitalize and moisturize skin, leaving behind a youthful, sculpted appearance. As you’d expect from a foundation, these products also provide color coverage in a variety of tones. Their liquid formula is ideal for layering, and the coverage is lightweight and natural–a perfect embodiment of the “no-makeup makeup” look that has been sweeping both Hollywood and the runways, according to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal.

As the first rays of Spring sunshine trickle through our windows, expect to see some new treatment foundation converts. After all, with the sun beckoning and temperatures rising, who wants to spend precious minutes routing through the medicine cabinet? Just smooth on a treatment foundation, swipe on some mascara, and head out the door!

Tricks for Using Your Beauty Blender!

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Tricks for Using Your Beauty Blender!
The Beauty Blender is an essential tool for all makeup wearers. It makes makeup application easier while also creating a perfect, flawless finish without the possible streaks that other brushes and fingers can leave behind on the skin. Instead of dirtying up multiple brushes for foundation, concealer, contour, and blush, this tool can do it all, making cleanup even easier with just one tool instead of a handful.

When applying foundation, use the bottom of the Beauty Blender or its side to increase the surface area covered on the skin. Use the tip to blend around the eye and nose area and roll the sponge on its side for perfect blending all over the face. Use the Blender easily for concealer and other precise applications of makeup. These are some of the basic methods for using this sponge, but there are many other tricks that can be performed with it as well.

Applying blush becomes a dream with this sponge. Dip the bottom into a cream or liquid blush and bounce it on the back of the hand to evenly distribute the product on the surface of the sponge. Then go ahead and start applying to the cheeks with soft bouncing motions, the same method used to apply foundation, only in a concentrated area on the cheeks. This creates the perfect airbrushed finish, giving the skin a “lit from within” glow. This tool can also blend out cream bronzer or contour colors, giving immediate dimension to the face without the dry, powdery appearance of layers of powder products.

Not only can it be used to apply multiple cream and liquid products, this sponge is also great for powder products such as powder foundation and setting powders. Simply press the sponge into the powder and roll the sponge onto the skin for a gorgeous finish. The sponge can also be used both wet and dry for this method.

Compared to fingers or brushes, the Beauty Blender gives a flawless finish that can be impossible and much more time consuming to attain with other application methods. The moisture within the sponge helps hydrate the skin as well, allowing for products to melt into the skin better, giving the appearance of perfect skin naturally. The Beauty Blender is also hygienic and easy to clean with the specially formulated cleansers or many other household soaps and facial cleansers. The simplicity of this sponge and all of the tasks it can accomplish makes it a unique method for an airbrushed makeup application look.

Flawless Foundation Application Tips

Thursday, November 27th, 2014

Flawless Foundation Application TipsOne of the most important cosmetics to apply to the face is foundation. It works to create an even canvas for all your other makeup. The product should appear natural and hide any imperfections that may distract from your other makeup. To apply foundation like a professional and make it look flawless, follow these tried and true steps.

Begin with Primer

Beauty experts recommend applying a liquid primer product to the skin before foundation is used to ensure that the product lasts throughout the day. It will create a smooth base and will also minimize open pores or wrinkles. For those with oily skin, the primer should mostly be applied to the t-zone to reduce shine.

Use a Brush

For a professional finish to your skin, apply the makeup with a brush and begin working it on the center of the forehead before moving outward. The dry side of the brush can be used to blend excess foundation that can look too heavy or caked on. Use smooth, swift motions with the brush for even application. You can also use your fingers to apply the foundation, which will warm the product with your body temperature and will create an even finish.

Don’t Forget Concealer

After your foundation is applied, it’s important to use a flat concealer brush to apply liquid or cream concealer to hide any blemishes or darkness under the eyes and sides of the nose.  Avoid applying it on wrinkles, which can make them appear more pronounced.

Blend with a Sponge

To create an airbrushed glow to your skin, use a small sponge to even out each area of the face to ensure that the product is pulled and spread evenly. Work it into the jawline and neck for an even blend.

Set the Foundation with Loose Powder

To finish off the foundation and make it last all day, apply loose powder and set it with a dense brush. Excess powder can be brushed off by lightly sweeping the skin with the brush. Translucent powder should be used to prevent changing the color of your skin tone.

How to apply the perfect amount of foundation

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Applying the perfect amount of foundation will ensure a truly flawless complexion!As you’ve probably witnessed, many women aren’t quite sure how much foundation is too much. If you’ve ever noticed a woman with a cakey face or a completely different colored neck, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Luckily, it’s easy to avoid this common mishap.

According to Allure Magazine, you should be applying six dime-sized dots of product to your face, whether you’re using a cream foundation or a liquid like Sothys – Lift Defense Foundation. Dab two on your forehead, one on each side of your nose, one on the tip of your nose and one on your chin.

Use your clean fingers or a makeup sponge like Jane Iredale – Flocked Sponge to blend down or sideways so the dots all converge, but avoid going in upward motions. Doing so can cause the foundation to get caught in your peach fuzz, creating a rough, dark effect that’s not flattering on anyone.

Finish up with a translucent face powder to zap shine and set your foundation, then you’re good to go.

Liquid versus powder foundation

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Which type of foundation is right for you?When it comes to makeup, few items are as essential as foundation. Foundation is a red carpet staple that is responsible for giving their stars their dewy, flawless complexions, and with the right makeup, you, too, can enjoy the perks of a blemish-free visage.

Not many of us are blessed with a perfect complexion. Years of middle school acne might have left scars, or your oily skin might still be prone to a breakout or two. Maybe you have uneven skin tone or visible pores. No matter your concern, the right foundation can fix it – leaving you with a face that’s ready for its close-up. Now, only one question remains: liquid or powder?

Liquid foundations are the most common, and they’re ideal for women who are looking to cover up more serious blemishes. Because they’re thick and opaque, they can be used to eliminate everything from a stubborn pimple to an unsightly sunspot. Always be sure to apply foundation with a clean sponge – using your fingers can spread dirt and bacteria, worsening your breakouts. With liquid foundation, it’s also crucial to find the perfect skin color match, lest you wind up with a telltale line around your chin demarcating where your makeup ends.

Powder foundation is ideal for ladies looking for a sheer cover up that will gloss over small imperfections, like uneven skin tone. Because powder is so light, it won’t sink into wrinkles and lines the way liquid foundations can. Powder foundation also diffuses better than its liquid counterpart, meaning that it can look more natural and less streaky. If you tend to get a little shiny late in the day, powder foundation is the perfect option for you because it can soak up excess oil.

No matter which type of foundation you choose, we have one more piece of advice: Go for one with a built-in SPF. Your skin will thank you!