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How to apply the perfect amount of foundation

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Applying the perfect amount of foundation will ensure a truly flawless complexion!As you’ve probably witnessed, many women aren’t quite sure how much foundation is too much. If you’ve ever noticed a woman with a cakey face or a completely different colored neck, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Luckily, it’s easy to avoid this common mishap.

According to Allure Magazine, you should be applying six dime-sized dots of product to your face, whether you’re using a cream foundation or a liquid like Sothys – Lift Defense Foundation. Dab two on your forehead, one on each side of your nose, one on the tip of your nose and one on your chin.

Use your clean fingers or a makeup sponge like Jane Iredale – Flocked Sponge to blend down or sideways so the dots all converge, but avoid going in upward motions. Doing so can cause the foundation to get caught in your peach fuzz, creating a rough, dark effect that’s not flattering on anyone.

Finish up with a translucent face powder to zap shine and set your foundation, then you’re good to go.

Liquid versus powder foundation

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Which type of foundation is right for you?When it comes to makeup, few items are as essential as foundation. Foundation is a red carpet staple that is responsible for giving their stars their dewy, flawless complexions, and with the right makeup, you, too, can enjoy the perks of a blemish-free visage.

Not many of us are blessed with a perfect complexion. Years of middle school acne might have left scars, or your oily skin might still be prone to a breakout or two. Maybe you have uneven skin tone or visible pores. No matter your concern, the right foundation can fix it – leaving you with a face that’s ready for its close-up. Now, only one question remains: liquid or powder?

Liquid foundations are the most common, and they’re ideal for women who are looking to cover up more serious blemishes. Because they’re thick and opaque, they can be used to eliminate everything from a stubborn pimple to an unsightly sunspot. Always be sure to apply foundation with a clean sponge – using your fingers can spread dirt and bacteria, worsening your breakouts. With liquid foundation, it’s also crucial to find the perfect skin color match, lest you wind up with a telltale line around your chin demarcating where your makeup ends.

Powder foundation is ideal for ladies looking for a sheer cover up that will gloss over small imperfections, like uneven skin tone. Because powder is so light, it won’t sink into wrinkles and lines the way liquid foundations can. Powder foundation also diffuses better than its liquid counterpart, meaning that it can look more natural and less streaky. If you tend to get a little shiny late in the day, powder foundation is the perfect option for you because it can soak up excess oil.

No matter which type of foundation you choose, we have one more piece of advice: Go for one with a built-in SPF. Your skin will thank you!