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3-step guide to cleaning your makeup brushes

Monday, July 29th, 2013

3-step guide to cleaning your makeup brushes

While it’s a commonly overlooked process, it’s crucial to properly clean your makeup brushes. Without doing so, makeup, oil, dirt and bacteria can accumulate in the bristles, resulting in clogged pores and blemishes. Not only that, but failing to clean brushes can cause them to break down more quickly. To prevent any breakouts from the buildup while preserving your brushes, follow these quick and easy steps once a week.

First, you’ll need a quality cleaner like being TRUE Brush Care. Spritz the product onto a paper towel and gently work it over the brush hair until makeup is fully removed. The solution not only disinfects brushes and rids them of any harmful bacteria but also conditions them with natural citrus oils. For more thorough, deeper cleaning, spray directly onto the brush and leave it on for one minute.

Next, dry the brushes as much as possible with a paper or cloth towel. Lastly, reshape them and allow them to dry over night. It’s important to lay them down flat so that water doesn’t leak into the brush handles, which can loosen the glue and cause the brush to eventually break.

A clean makeup brush is key for keeping skin looking fresh and ensuring optimal application of your favorite makeup products. This simple process will keep brushes more hygienic and additionally, long-lasting.

Tips for properly cleaning your makeup brushes

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Tips for properly cleaning your makeup brushes

Whether you like to go heavy on the eyeshadow or you’re a pro at flawlessly applying beautiful blush, it’s crucial to clean your makeup brushes regularly. Over time, bacteria can build up on these tools and increase the chances of breakouts on your face – ick! Here are some tips on how to clean them efficiently and extend their life spans.

Invest in a professional cleaning spray
There are many professional makeup cleaning sprays on the market that can help you keep your tools safe for use, according to The Beauty Department. These formulas can eliminate bacteria, and some of them even have beautiful aromas!

Give brushes a good cleaning monthly
Real Simple magazine recommends a deep cleaning monthly. Swirl the brushes around in a mild baby shampoo, then repeat the process in a bowl of warm water to remove debris.

Take care of the bristles
The bristles are delicate on makeup brushes, meaning it’s important to take your time and be gentle during the cleaning process. When you’re done washing and rinsing them out, Cosmopolitan magazine recommends allowing them to air dry. In the end, you’ll be happier you put in the extra effort!