Implementing a few fun ways to organize your makeup is a way for you to quickly access any color palette or type of makeup you need within seconds.


Some women can make it look effortless, but don’t let them fool you – using makeup correctly is a skill acquired over years of practice and study.


Radiating beauty is something that you want to make a priority this year, but you’re not quite sure where to start. What are some ideas to get the momentum going on that goal?

new year beauty products

Arrive at end-of-the-year celebrations with New Year’s-worthy looks and super-glam style. What better way to walk in oozing confidence and glamour?


Makeup remover is a key element in every girl’s nighttime beauty regimen.

dramatic eye lashes

Long, lush lashes are the ultimate beauty achievement, but this is no easy feat.


Every year, Pantone selects a new hue for us to focus on, which dictates the color of everything from our clothes to our manicures.

how to apply blush

Even though you’ve been wearing blush for years, you may still not have gotten it quite right.

makeup hacks

Let’s face it – while you’d love to spend a ton of time in front of the mirror perfecting your look, you don’t always have the time.

makeup expiration dates

A lot of things in life have an expiration date – not just food and medicine.

plump lips

There’s hardly anything more alluring than full lips, but not everyone was blessed with this feature.

thanksgiving makeup

Thanksgiving is all about gathering with your loved ones, celebrating what you’re grateful for and perhaps making a few new memories.