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Bright eyes: How to wear colored lashes

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Bright eyes: How to wear colored lashes

Long, voluminous lashes have essentially always been in style – but who says they have to be black? Mascara in eye-popping shades from fuchsia to emerald can completely transform your look. If you've been too timid to try this trend, there are a few factors to consider that can help you to select an ideal color. Follow these tips and in no time you'll be rocking a hue that complements your skin tone as well as your eyes.

Were you green with envy watching the models on Dior's fall 2013 catwalk sporting electric lashes? Refinery 29 explained that this color is just as wearable in real life as it is on the runway. Makeup artist Mylah Morales told Elle magazine that deeper shades are divine on blue eyes, while a brighter green enhances brown eyes. She also recommended choosing a coordinating eyeliner that's slightly darker than the mascara to make the lashes appear vibrant. Blinc Mascara in Dark Green is stunning with any eye color, and the innovative formula stays on all day and night. Unlike traditional oil-based products, this mascara encapsulates each lash with a tube to keep them clump-free and smudge-proof.

Feeling blue? While it may seem counterintuitive to apply this shade if you have the same color eyes, Rue La La noted that doing so can cause the whites to appear brighter and clearer. This color is also ideal for balancing out skin with yellow undertones.

Morales, who has applied this hue to Rihanna's peepers, advised using black liquid liner and applying blue mascara to both the bottom and top lashes. If a vibrant cobalt is too dramatic for you, opt for the waterproof PureLash Lengthening Mascara by Jane Iredale in Navy, which is a subtler take on the trend.

No matter your skin, hair or eye color, purple mascara looks striking – though Rue La La stressed that the shade looks especially ravishing on redheads and can pull out the green flecks in multicolored hazel eyes. One of the advantages of a dark purple is that it can be barely visible except when lashes are hit by the light, which means it's also wearable during the daytime. Superiore State-of-the-Art Mascara by Borghese in Prima Plum has the perfect amount of pigment without being too garish. Seventeen magazine suggested following Taylor Swift's lead by pairing purple lashes with a bright red lipstick for a bold yet playful look.

The right way to apply mascara

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

The right way to apply mascara

One beauty trend that never goes out of style is long, luscious lashes. Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal even told Redbook that they’re “the secret to all good things in the universe.” Still, a lot of women don’t know the right way to apply mascara to achieve this look. (Hint: It takes more than just a sweep of the wand.) Follow this tutorial to maximize the lash factor, whether you’re going for a coy babydoll look or a more dramatic effect.

Step 1
Before applying any mascara, it’s crucial to use an eyelash curler, which makes all the difference in boosting volume. Squeezing the curler on the upper lashes and holding for several seconds is enough to make an impact. HERLIFE Magazine recommended brush loose powder on the undereye area to prevent any falling product from sticking and smudging. The news source also suggested holding a tissue under your bottom lashes to catch mascara before it reaches your skin.

Step 2
To get your lashes prepped, you’ll need Youngblood’s Mineral Lash Primer. This creamy formula moisturizes and softens lashes with natural oils, which can result in smoother mascara application. Additionally, protein and vitamins can help to prevent lash breakage. Resist scraping the brush against the edge of the tube, as it could result in an uneven application. Brush on one coat, and waste no time before applying mascara while the primer is still wet.

Step 3
Armed with a powerful tool like the Super Style Volume & Length Mascara by Babor, press the wand directly into the lash base and pull upward in a vertical motion. Then gently wave the wand across lashes back and forth to fan them out and eliminate any clumps. Don’t forget about the tip of the wand: By turning the wand and pressing it into the tops of your lashes, you can paint each of them for extra separation.

Step 4
Don’t be scared of the bottom lashes! While many women avoid them for fear of a spider-effect, it’s possible to make peepers really pop by brushing the lower lashline. Just use the tip of the brush to graze them individually in a vertical motion.

Step 5
Brush away any loose powder and voilá! Your lashes are locked, loaded and ready for anything. If you need to touch up before going out at night, just blot the wand with a tissue to get rid of any excess product.

Tips from the pros for looking more awake

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Tips from the pros for looking more awake

While having the right beauty products in your arsenal is key for looking awake, the pros advise that it's just as important to focus on the right colors and application to create the illusion of alertness.

Carl Ray, the personal makeup artist for first lady Michelle Obama, told Washingtonian Magazine that applying lengthening mascara just to the top lashes gives a fresher, more alert look. Open up the eye even further by pressing a curler at the lashline, in the middle of the lashes and at the ends and sealing with a layer of lengthening mascara. Also, Ray noted that a dab of concealer on the inner corner of the eye and next to the nose can make you look like you've gotten a good night's sleep.

Pale and nude lip tones can look blah. Carola Meyers, voted "Best Makeup Artist" by Washingtonian Magazine, advises kicking up the lip color a notch with a vibrant shade to help perk things up.

Makeup artist Kimberly Steele suggests applying cream or white shimmer shadow in the inner corner of eyes and at the brow bone. Avoid eyeliners and shadows in pink or reddish hues, as they will only bring out the redness in your eyes. Alternatively, green or blue tones can counteract that redness. Tim Quinn, celebrity makeup artist for Giorgio Armani Beauty, told Oprah Magazine that a beige liner along the lower lash line does a better job or neutralizing redness than black or white.

3 items you must have in your beach bag this summer

Friday, June 7th, 2013

3 items you must have in your beach bag this summer

If you plan on hitting the beach this summer, you're going to need more than just a large bottle of suntan lotion to look your best on the shore. In addition to SPF makeup and moisturizer to protect yourself from the sun, there are a few other key items you should include in your beach bag. 

1. Waterproof mascara
Because you'll likely be taking a dip in the ocean, Real Simple magazine claims that you'll want to have waterproof mascara on hand to make sure that your peepers always look beautiful when you're a little wet. A moisture-proof formula also ensures that sweat won't cause your makeup to run under the sun.

2. Sun hat
Both your scalp and your luscious locks can get burned under the scorching sun. AOL recommends bringing a sun hat along for your trip for the utmost protection. Your burn-free scalp will thank you for wearing it later!

3. SPF lip balm
The salty air can quickly dry out your plump pout while you're near the sea. Make sure to include an SPF lip balm in your beach bag to keep your lips hydrated, protected and silky smooth.

Emma Watson keeps it simple for L.A. movie premiere

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Emma Watson keeps it simple for an L.A. movie premiere

Emma Watson doesn’t have to wear makeup if she doesn’t want to – the actress is known for her natural beauty on and off the silver screen. However, Watson often draws positive feedback from onlookers for sporting just the right amount of cosmetics to highlight her flawless features.

This is just what she did when she showed up to the premiere of “This Is The End” in Los Angeles, Calif. Watson, who has little fine lines and wrinkles to worry about at her age, appeared to be wearing only a bit of concealer to hide blemishes. On her cheeks, she wore a rose blush that gave her an energetic, lively appearance. Watson played it simple with both her eye and lip makeup, which she’s renowned for doing in public. On her eyes, she wore a hint of dark mascara and opted for a light pink lipstick on her pout. It was an elegant look for an actress who’s nothing but chic.

If you always feel like you can never find just the right shade of pink for your lips, InStyle magazine recommends trying to match the color to your gums for a look that isn’t too bold or subtle.

Carmen Electra goes dramatic with eye makeup in L.A.

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Carmen Electra goes dramatic with eye makeup in L.A.

Carmen Electra is not only renowned for her acting skills, but for her ageless beauty as well. Recently, the celebrity showed that she still knows plenty about how to wear the right cosmetics to give herself a flawless appearance on the red carpet.

Electra showed up to the premiere of “This Is The End” in Los Angeles, Calif., looking stunning in a long white gown. However, it wasn’t just her ensemble that caught the eyes of onlookers – it was her perfect makeup! Electra played it simple with a rosy, glossy lipstick on her pout to highlight her gorgeous smile. On her eyes, she opted for some drama with dark liquid eyeliner and lengthening mascara. It was just the right amount of eye makeup for the formal occasion, and it accented the beautiful blue color of her irises.

If you’ve always wanted lush lashes like the ones that Electra flaunts, you might simply need to replace the tools you’re using, according to Allure magazine. Think about opting for a mascara wand that has a slight curve to give your lashes more appeal and apply your formula more evenly in front of the mirror.

Jada Pinkett Smith knows how to wear mascara flawlessly

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Jada Pinkett Smith knows how to wear mascara flawlessly

When you’re married to a famous actor, you’re expected to always look fabulous while hanging off of his arm. Jada Pinkett Smith knows this when she steps onto the red carpet alongside her husband, Will Smith, and she showed off her know-how at the premiere of “After Earth” in New York City.

Although much of the fanfare surrounded her husband and their son, Jaden, who is also starring in the film, Pinkett Smith looked as glamorous as ever. Her ruffled pink short-sleeved cocktail dress was unique and fitting for the spring season. However, it was her flawless makeup that truly stole the show. On her lips, Pinkett Smith wore a beautiful subtle pink lip gloss to draw attention to her voluptuous pout. She kept it simple around her eyes with a bit of black mascara to lengthen and define her lashes.

If you want to get a stunning look like the one that Pinkett Smith rocked on the red carpet, you can easily do so by securing a heated lash curler and a dark mascara, according to The Huffington Post. Adding some curl to your lashes before applying your mascara can help you make your peepers look bolder and more beautiful.

Amber Rose looks flawless with glossy pink lipstick

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Amber Rose looks flawless with glossy pink lipstick

One woman who knows a few things about turning heads is Amber Rose, and the model isn’t shy about showing a little skin. Recently, Rose was seen on the arm of rapper and fiance Wiz Khalifa during Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas. She wore a low-cut white tank top and large gold hoop earrings as she waved to photographers at the Palms pool.

Rose is renowned for her buzz cut look, which gives her an edginess while she maintains her sexiness. However, Rose has beautiful facial features that she frequently accents with top-quality cosmetics as well – it’s not all about her (lack of) hair!

At the Palms pool, Rose piled on the black mascara to give her peepers a dramatic look. She kept it simple on the rest of her face, topping off her appearance with glossy pink lipstick that shimmered on her pout when she smiled.

Do you like wearing lip gloss but find it challenging to maintain over the course of several hours? Daily Glow recommends using a bit of face powder on your finished pout to help the gloss adhere better to your lips for long wear.

Heather Graham shines in Europe with dramatic eye makeup

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Heather Graham shines in Europe with dramatic eye makeup

One woman who knows a thing or two about attending red carpet events is Heather Graham. The illustrious actress has been going to these events for years, and she recently showed up to the European premiere of “The Hangover III” to wow audiences once again with her beauty.

Graham wore a stunning black dress that showed off her curves as she posed for photographers. To complement the elegance of the ensemble, she rimmed her eyes with black eyeliner and an ample amount of dark mascara to give her peepers some drama. On her lips, she wore a subtle shade of magenta that was just enough to give her pout some eye-catching color.

If you want to recreate Graham’s appearance on your own face for an upcoming event, all you need is dark eye makeup to help you achieve your goal. Simply use a long-lasting, waterproof mascara to give your lashes some much-needed length. Then, use a black eyeliner around your eyes to top off the look. Redbook magazine encourages you to keep your chin up during the application process to make it easier and increase accuracy.

Stars shine with neutral makeup at Cannes Film Festival

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Stars shine with neutral makeup at the Cannes Film Festival

Anyone who knows anything about movies will tell you that the Cannes Film Festival is one of the most prestigious film events of the year. Not only is it where some of Hollywood’s finest are recognized for their work on the silver screen, but their fashion as well! This year, numerous celebrities showed up to the 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival to celebrate a year that’s already been filled with blockbuster hits.

Many of the stars who attended the event turned heads for their ensembles as well as the makeup they wore on the red carpet. Whether you didn’t get a chance to pick up a celebrity gossip magazine yet or search the Internet for Cannes Film Festival news, it’s not too late to see who wore what in front of the cameras! Some of these ladies’ fashion and cosmetic choices will likely set the tone for the upcoming season.

Emma Watson
This gorgeous celebrity has come a long way since originally gaining worldwide fame in the “Harry Potter” movie series. At the Cannes Film Festival, Watson chose to show off her natural beauty through the makeup she selected for the event. Rather than opt for a bold lipstick, she selected a subtle pink for her pout. Additionally, Watson kept it simple with her eyes – it seems that she had a bit of silver shimmery eyeshadow on her lids to brighten up her peepers. A hint of black mascara was also added to extend her natural lashes. However, there was nothing more than that on her face to showcase her stunning natural features!

Carey Mulligan
Watson wasn’t the only star who chose to tone it down for the red carpet event – Carey Mulligan, who starred in “The Great Gatsby,” also decided to wear less makeup in front of the cameras. Just like Watson, she proved that you don’t need to cake on the blush and eyeliner to look beautiful! Mulligan had a bit of dark mascara on her lashes to give them some volume, but did little else around her peepers. Instead of going with a vivid shade of lipstick, she thought it would be best to wear a nude shade on her pout, which worked wonderfully with her skin tone. It appears that Mulligan chose to skip the blush and opt for even more simplicity on her cheeks, and it suited her incredibly well.

Nicole Kidman
Another renowned actress who knows a thing or two about walking red carpets is Nicole Kidman, and she was present at the Cannes Film Festival. Kidman chose to wear a peachy lipstick on her lips that shined as she smiled for the cameras. She decided to be a bit bolder than Mulligan and Watson with her eye makeup choice, creating a cat-eye look around her peepers with mascara and eyeliner, according to My Daily. This technique was executed wonderfully to bring out the baby blue color of her irises.

Julianne Moore
At the Cannes Film Festival, many found Moore’s poofy retro dress to be a little much, according to The Huffington Post. However, she hit the right note with her makeup, which gave her a lively appearance. Moore had a bit of rouge blush on her cheeks and complemented the color with a deep pink lipstick on her pout. She also decided to create a dramatic look using black eyeliner and mascara around her eyes to truly make them sparkle.

Whether you want to recreate Emma Watson’s look or Carey Mulligan’s neutral appearance, it’s worth taking notes before you whip out your bag of cosmetics!