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How To Wear Colorful Mascara Like A Pro

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How To Wear Blue Mascara And Own It

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Three Things To Avoid While Applying Your Mascara

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Make Your Lashes Truly Pop With These 3 Mascara Tips

While your standard black mascara may seem easy enough to add to your lashes, you might not be doing it properly if you find them sticking together and clumping shortly after application.

What Does Your Mascara Wand Do For You?

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Would You Ever Curl Your Bottom Lashes?

For many women, the lower lashes often present problems.

Different types of mascara purport different types of benefits – which type you choose depends on whether you want to lengthen, darken, thicken or curl yours.

Whether you slick on a fruit-hued lip gloss or a bold shade of nail polish, infusing your look with a punch of color is always fun. And, it looks like some of Hollywood’s most glamorous starlets are opting to add some pizazz with colorful eye makeup.

A smoky eye is one of the fastest ways to add glamor to your appearance, but some women shy away from the sultry look because of its inherent intensity. However, ladies who’d like a smoldering stare without too much drama can opt for a lightly smoked eye.

Planning your wedding can be an extremely stressful time, up until the very minute you say "I do!" While there may not be a way to avoid worrying about caterers and floral arrangements, a few beauty insiders recently shared simple makeup tips with People Magazine, to ensure that you look your best on your big day.

It’s no secret that summertime is the season to paint your pout in bright hues. From magenta to coral to fire engine red, ladies everywhere may embrace the warm weather by sporting a bold-colored smile.