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Sothys Paraben-Free Cleansers and Lotions

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Sothys Paraben-Free Cleansers and Lotions
Every day, skin cells die and build up on top of new ones, masking a radiant complexion. By wiping this dead skin away with paraben-free cleansers and lotions by Sothys, you can reveal healthier skin beneath.

Sothys solutions not only prepare the skin to better absorb active ingredients, but they’re also formulated without alcohol, fragrances, parabens and other preservatives, making them ideal for any skin type.

Every effective skincare routine starts with a strong makeup remover. The Eye and Lip Makeup Removing Fluid uses poppy extract to wash away even waterproof cosmetics, and has been tested to safely work for those with sensitive eyes and contact lenses. Best of all, there’s no pesky

oily residue left behind.

Sensitive skin should start the next phase of their regimen with the hypoallergenic Comfort Cleansing Milk, which is formulated with cotton extract to calm and comfort while removing makeup, oil or other impurities. Follow with Comfort Lotion every morning and night to restore moisture and normalize pH levels, or throughout the day when your skin feels dry.

Normal to combination skin can use the Vitality Cleansing Milk to rid the T-zone of oiliness with invigorating grapefruit extract while maintaining balance in dry areas. The Vitality Lotion is an essential toner for a squeaky-clean appearance and breakout prevention.

Battling an extra oily complexion? You’ll benefit from the Purity Cleansing Milk, which is powerful enough to deep cleanse and balance the skin while also gently hydrating it. The bi-phased Purifying Lotion can further clarify the skin with iris extract while reducing redness, irritation or inflammation.

Delicate skin types require the Clarity Cleansing Milk, which can gently remove daily grime while strengthening capillaries with witch hazel astringent. The Clarity Lotion uses the same extract to facilitate microcirculation, alleviate tension in the capillaries and tone the blood vessels to reduce potential redness.

Anyone can have beautiful skin – but discovering your complexion at its best depends on a cleansing system as dynamic as the Sothys paraben-free collection.

Are parabens truly a cause for concern?

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Are parabens truly a cause for concern?Many health nuts and proponents of the natural beauty movement have raised the red flags regarding a certain group of preservatives. Parabens, which are chemicals that are normally found in many mainstream cosmetics, are worrying plenty of consumers who believe there may be a possibility that they’re cancer-causing agents – an analysis of cancerous breast tissue found parabens mixed in with the sample.

Emphasis on the word “possibility,” however. According to the Food & Drug Administration, there may be cause to look into this relationship further, but at the moment, there is no conclusive evidence that parabens are actually responsible for causing any adverse effects.

Besides this, Rebecca Sutton, a scientist at the Environmental Working Group, raised a good point.

“You certainly don’t want parabens to be pulled out and a more dangerous preservative to be put in,” she told the Los Angeles Times. “Sometimes cosmetic companies might jump on the paraben-free bandwagon without really doing a proper assessment of…the safer preservatives that they ought to be adding.”

So what’s a girl to do? Just because there’s no conclusive evidence doesn’t mean that none of these allegations aren’t true, and at the same time, there don’t seem to be any good alternatives (unless you want lotion that gets moldy three weeks after you open it). One day, science will hopefully give us a better answer, but in the meantime, it’s best to stay mindful and keep treating our bodies the best we know how.