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Are you rushing through your skincare regimen?

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Are you rushing through your skincare regimen?When it comes to morning rituals, most women have to hustle to get everything done. From showering to blow-drying and straightening those stubborn locks, it can be tough just trying to look your best each day, but a labor of love well spent when it counts.

Unfortunately, all that rushing around can have a negative impact on the quality of your routine. According to Glamour magazine’s beauty blog, speeding through a skincare regimen is one of the biggest – and most common – beauty faux pas around!

For starters, you should give yourself plenty of quality time with moisturizers like PRIORI – Advanced AHA Skin Renewal Cream. Give your skin a chance to absorb all the great nutrients of this potent blend by dabbing a quarter-size amount in both hands and working it over both your face and neck.

Once you’re through, a creamy, soap-free exfoliant like Exuviance – Age Reverse BioActiv Wash can be a terrific way to jumpstart your day and rid your complexion of harmful pollutants that can pile up on the surface of skin, even while you’re sleeping.

You may have to wake up a little early to get this extended beauty ritual underway, but you’ll be more than happy once you get a look at the results!

Would you take a DNA test to determine your skin’s needs?

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Would you take a DNA test to find an effective skincare regimen?Men and women do a lot to keep their skin looking youthful, glowing and clear. From cleansers to moisturizers to retinol treatments, there’s pretty much nothing that people won’t try doing to achieve a flawless complexion. But would you shell out almost $500 for a DNA test to determine exactly which products your skin needs?

According to the London Evening Standard, one English beauty salon has developed a 30-minute saliva test that uses gene technology to determine which active ingredients in skin products would be most beneficial to your skin. This knowledge would allow you to customize a skincare regimen that addresses all of your complexion’s needs, most likely leaving you with encouraging results.

It’s a lot of money, but it may be worth it to see exactly what your skin craves as far as products are concerned. The developer of the test has plans to launch it globally next year, so until then you’ll have to continue to experiment to determine which skincare products are best for your skin type and lifestyle.

Luckily, there are plenty of collections and lines that cater to multiple skin types, so you can see results no matter how oily, dry or sensitive your complexion may be. Dermalogica is just one example of a company that has products for every kind of skin.

What products make up a good skincare regimen?

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

What products should your skincare regimen consist of?If you want gorgeous, glowing skin that’s free of blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles and discoloration, an effective skincare regimen is crucial. But it can be hard to know which products you should be combining for the most effective routine. The products you pick depend largely on your skin type and the concerns you’re trying to treat, but here’s a general guide outlining which products would make up a comprehensive regimen.

A good cleanser for face is the first step in any skincare regimen. It keeps your complexion free of the dirt, oil and environmental pollutants that can cause blemishes and free-radical damage, and it also preps your skin for soaking up the beneficial ingredients in the rest of your routine. If you have oily skin, you’ll want a cleanser that can keep your face matte throughout the day. Those with combination skin should use a mild cleanser that won’t strip away oils or exacerbate dry skin. Ladies with dry or sensitive skin should choose a moisturizing cream cleanser without fragrances or dyes.

According to the Columbia Daily Tribune, toners for face are largely optional, but they can have skin benefits for certain skin types. These products work by evening out your skin’s pH levels. If your pH balance is off, it could result in a number of ailments, like blemishes, dry patches or shiny skin. Typically, they’re good for those who have oily complexions, whether it’s all over or just on the T-zone. Swipe it over those greasy areas to mattify your visage and purify your pores.

Not everyone needs serums for face, but they’re some of the most potent skincare products on the market. If you’re looking for anti-aging effects or antioxidants to prevent skin damage, serums are a wonderful way to pack your skin with beneficial ingredients. They absorb quickly and should be worn underneath your moisturizer so they’ll penetrate deep into your visage. Whatever your skincare concerns are, you can bet there’s a serum out there that can help.

Spot treatment
If you get the occasional zit, it’s helpful to have acne treatment products on hand to use as a spot treatment. When used after cleansing and before moisturizing, benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid treatments can clear up breakouts and minimize the appearance of pimples in no time.

Face moisturizers are essential, even if you think your skin doesn’t need any more hydrating because it’s already oily. In fact, the reason for your oily skin might be because your skin is dry and your pores are overcompensating. Moisturizers help form a protective barrier over your skin that prevents hydration from escaping. You might want to pick up a light moisturizer for day and a richer, creamier moisturizer for night. Always apply it right after cleansing your skin – it’ll soak in better if your face is still slightly damp. For added protection, use moisturizers with SPF to prevent sunburns and photoaging.

Regular exfoliation is necessary to slough off dead skin cells and prevent blocked pores. It also reveals fresh, radiant skin cells underneath, which is always a plus. Scrubs and exfoliants for face should be used a couple of times a week, and you should never scrub too hard, which could damage your skin. Sensitive skin types should look for the gentlest products available. On days when you exfoliate, you might want to skip using products that have ingredients that may be drying, like those in your serum or toner.

Face masques are another way to treat specific skincare issues, whether it’s redness, dryness, acne or oiliness. Once a week or so, slather these products on your face after cleansing, then leave them on for the recommended amount of time before rinsing with lukewarm water. From there, you can go about your regular routine as usual.

Are you treating your neck and hands the same as your face?

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Your neck and hands should be treated the same way as your face!From glycolic acid peels to exfoliators and lightening products, you may have everything situated when it comes to skincare treatments for your face. But are you giving your hands and neck the same attention? If not, you could find yourself sporting a radiant visage yet a drastically older-looking neck and pair of hands.

Just like with your face, you need to take care of these areas with a similar beauty regimen. On a daily basis, be sure to cleanse your neck and hands and apply moisturizer. You can use your regular facial moisturizers on your neck, but for hands, try a product like Lippmann Collection – Rich Girl Hand Cream SPF 25.

You should also be regularly applying sunscreen to each area, exfoliating them every couple of days and even applying the same retinol serums that you use for your face. Something like G.M. COLLIN – Phytowhite Cream can help prevent age spots from developing, especially on the backs of your hands.

When it comes down to it, your neck and hands can reveal signs of age, making you look older than you really are. Treating them the same as your face can ensure that they’re not betraying you.

Makeup tips and tricks to take with you into summer

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Here are some expert tips on this summer's biggest beauty trends.June is almost here, which means you may want to start gearing up for hotter weather, breezier fashions and melt-proof cosmetics. To help you navigate the world of warm-weather beauty products, we spoke with Josephine Fusco, an industry professional, for the inside pre-summer scoop.

Fusco, a New York-based makeup artist, has been passionate about beauty and creating a pretty facial palette ever since she was a child. “I remember watching my mom from the other side of her makeup kit and mirror being mesmerized at how she applied [hers] glamorously,” she admits.

Here’s Fusco’s take on how to look your best throughout the sultriest season of the year.

When it comes to makeup this summer, what do you think will be trending?

Color is going to be very big.  It’s hot for spring and it will only continue through the summer. [Think] bright fuchsias, corals and tangerines. The matte lip that has been showcased the last two months is beautiful and you will be seeing it a lot this summer – but even brighter.

What do you think is the best way to ensure makeup stays on all day long in the warmer weather?

During the summer months, we produce more oils because of the heat and humidity. But, in order to make your makeup stay on all day long, it starts with the proper skincare. Always wash your face with a cleanser and then moisturize. After that, I tell my clients to always start with a primer right before [adding] any makeup. There are so many fantastic ones on the market now – you can find one that will combat just about any problem you are facing, whether you have oily skin, rosacea or dullness. Primer sets your face and prepares it for the rest of your application. Think of painting…you always put a primer [on] first to ensure that everything is prepared for the painting process so that it keeps everything in place and fills in any lines.

Do you have any helpful skincare tips for women this season?

Yes! Always wear SPF. Skin cancer is at an all-time high! Even [when] walking from the door to the car, you are putting your skin at risk and it also leads to skin damage, which will then turn into premature aging. Who wants that? I know I don’t. If you find it hard to add a few products into your regimen, try and go with one that has combined ingredients. If you are the type of woman to invest a few minutes each day into your skin, then add a serum to your beauty routine! After washing your face, add a serum that is packed with antioxidants, [reduces] fine lines and wrinkles and adds UV protection (once a day).  This will treat your skin and nourish it – leaving it glowing throughout the summer.

Is there any celebrity out there who, in your opinion, always gets her makeup right?

My all-time fave is Kim Kardashian, but for most women, they feel it’s too much. She always has makeup that flows. It’s never, ever, too little or too much.  It’s blended throughout her entire face each and every time you see her – from her eyes to the lashes, shading/contouring [and] the right colors for her pout.  There are ways to recreate her look without huge amounts of makeup. Charlize Theron, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jennifer Lopez are always after this. They always have makeup on that compliments their [faces], bringing out their beauty – not covering it up and masking it. Always radiant!

What do you think is the one makeup item women can’t live without this summer?

Bronzer! It’s a necessity. The right way to apply bronzer is a C-formation from the cheek to the temple, a drop down the bridge of the nose and the center of the neck. It will give you an instant glow. You can also use it as an eyeshadow or contour your cheekbones with it!

For more information on Fusco, visit

It’s time to warm up your complexion for spring

Friday, April 13th, 2012

A bit of bronzer and self tanner can warm your skin right up!After spending the majority of your winter inside under the blankets, your skin might be looking a bit pale. Rather than putting yourself at the mercy of dangerous tanning beds, why not darken up with a few self-tanning and bronzing products that can give your complexion a healthy glow?

Start by bronzing your entire body with an easy-to-use tanning wipe like TanTowel – Self-Tan Towelette. You won’t notice any streaking, and the formula dries quickly so you won’t have to stand around naked waiting to get dressed. Too Faced – Tanning Bed In A Tube is another option that will give you gradual color with a yummy Pina Colada scent.

Once you’re looking more like you’ve just gotten back from a tropical vacation, use Jane Iredale – So-Bronze 1 to keep the color lasting on your face. Brush it onto areas that would naturally get tan, like your forehead, the bridge of your nose and your cheeks. Follow up with a subtle highlighter on top of those areas for truly glowing skin.

Now that you’re not looking quite as ghostly, you might be inspired to pick up a few more springtime products that will enhance your beachy appearance!

Why you might not want to spot-treat blemishes

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Spot-treating isn't the answer to clear skin!If you’re prone to breakouts, you might think that the best approach to getting rid of them is using products to spot-treat the affected areas. According to Allure Magazine, this method can definitely help to reduce the lifespan of a zit, but it’s not very effective if your ultimate goal is to end up with clear skin.

That’s because prevention is the key to a blemish-free complexion. If you’re spot-treating your pimples, you’re only making sure that the ones you have will go away – you’re not preventing new ones from popping up right after the old ones are gone.

“You need to prevent acne from forming, and that means treating skin that’s prone to pimples even if there are none present,” dermatologist Karyn Grossman told the news source.

To do this, use a facial cleanser with benzoyl peroxide or glycolic or salicylic acid, like NeoStrata – Foaming Glycolic Wash AHA 20. Then, use an acne cream like Murad – Skin Perfecting Lotion all over your face. To prevent dryness and irritation, only use a very thin layer, then use a moisturizer over it. You should notice less breakouts as a result.

Two ways to cure acne

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Clear up your acne fast.Pimples are part of being a teenager, but what if your breakouts don't go away when you hit adulthood? Lots of people struggle with less-than-perfect skin well into their 20s, 30s and even 40s. If you think that your zits are a life sentence, think again! Here are two ingredients to look for when you're shopping for products that'll help clear up your skin in no time.

1. Benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is an anti-bacterial agent that kills the bacteria that cause acne blemishes, and it's found in all kinds of creams, lotions and washes. If you struggle with body acne, a benzoyl peroxide-based body wash could be the perfect addition to your shower routine. For your face, opt for a benzoyl peroxide cream or lotion, which will help you maintain moisture. The product can be extremely drying, so use it sparingly.

2. Salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a naturally occurring acid that helps rid your skin of excess oil and clear up zits in no time. You can find it in body and face washes, toner and astringents, as well as many kinds of skin-clearing makeup. Like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid can be drying, so make sure you moisturize your face when you're using it.

For best results, use salicylic acid in the morning and benzoyl peroxide at night. Start with very small amounts of each to avoid drying out your skin, and your blemishes will be gone in no time!

Sensitive skin: Equal parts nature and nurture

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Sensitive skin: Equal parts nature and nurtureChances are you’ve racked up plenty of experience telling the lady at the sales counter whether you’ve got normal, oily, dry or combination skin. But did you know that having sensitive skin isn’t always a result of what your mama gave you?

“According to experts, all of [the] popular high-tech potions and procedures [we use to whip our skin into shape] contribute to a gradual wearing down of the outer layers of skin, leading to an uptick in the number of people who suffer from continual redness and sensitivity issues,” reports.

This means there definitely can be “too much of a good thing” when it comes to exfoliators, anti-aging treatments and especially when it comes to using too many products all at once.

To combat this issue, we suggest talking to a skincare expert to determine your true skin type and sticking only to products designed for your dermis. Most skincare regimens don’t require more than the use of a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and/or night cream.

Your endless guide to looking natural

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Your endless guide to looking naturalFor a look that shouldn’t make you appear much different than your natural self, there are so many ways to pull off a nude makeup style, especially if you’re yearning for some versatility in your morning (or evening) routine. To help you navigate the sea of flattering, effortless choices, here’s a quick pocket guide that will assist you in making up your mind as well as your face.

For your glow

There’s so much that goes in to having great skin, but most of it can be explained rather simply. Eat well, stay well-rested, drink plenty of water and get your weekly dose of fitness. As the largest organ on your body, your skin presents a tangible reflection of your body’s health, so great skincare always starts with great youcare.

Beyond that, there are quality skincare products available that will help you slip into your most beautiful skin yet. Remember – the key to a natural makeup look is having a beautiful complexion that speaks for itself. Your skincare routine will ultimately be devised based on your skin type and individual set of needs, but virtually every woman’s regimen should involve a non-drying cleanser, toner, moisturizer, night cream and any other supplements and serums you might need to target specific concerns.

When your skin is hydrated and healthy, you probably won’t require too much makeup to achieve a flawless complexion, but for whatever problem areas your routine doesn’t correct on its own, using high quality foundations, concealers and powders can help you get that extra boost.

For a timeless, natural look, mineral makeup has been all the rage as of late. Many formulas, such as BABOR Mineral Powder Foundation, are designed to do the work of three products in one, offering unbeatable coverage with a matte, natural finish that conceals as it evens out your skin tone.

Once you’ve got a flawless base, making your complexion pop with some subtle hints of blush and highlighting creams is the perfect finish for a radiant mug. Stick to a cream or powder blush in the rose or peach color family, striving to stick to shades that closely match the tone of your natural glow. Swirl onto the apples of your cheeks and up toward your temple, adding a little to your forehead or nose to finish off a natural sun-kissed glow. Dab a highlighting cream on your cheekbones, temples and browbones to add subtle definition and a romantic dewy glow.

For eyes that sparkle in their own right

Eye makeup is arguably where ladies tend to have the most liberty, so it may be hard to restrain yourself when trying to stick to a nude theme.

Remember, though – a natural aesthetic doesn’t have to look bare, so feather on the mascara and groom those brows as you normally would (structured brows are actually key to pulling off a natural look).

Eyeliner, if used at all, should be kept to natural, neutral tones of brown, navy or gray and applied in short, feathery strokes to the inner lash line and blended softly onto the upper lid.

As for shadows, feel free to play around with any combination of beiges, champagnes, taupes, bronzes and coppers – anything to give your lids an extra pop of shimmer without straying too far from your natural skin tone. If you’re feeling playful, don’t think you need to rule out all the fun – a hint of gold shimmer near your upper and lower lash line will blend right into your tawny look but feature just the right amount of glamour for a night out.

Pout if you want to

As the last (but certainly not the least) part of your makeup routine, lips can be left about as bare as a button or dressed up in a lovely shimmery gloss. Nude makeup looks aren’t the time to break out your bold berry lipstick, but a light lipstain that closely matches your natural coloring will add just a hint of color to your lips without looking overly obvious.

Some nude fashions go for an altogether muted mouth, which is best achieved with a skin-colored lipstick or by applying concealer to your mouth before finishing with a coat of balm or gloss. The result is high-fashion and always chic.