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The grass is always greener: A smoky eye tutorial

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

The grass is always greener: A smoky eye tutorial

By now, it's pretty apparent that the smoky eye isn't going anywhere. Incredibly versatile and alluring, this look can be toned down during the day or amped up for high drama at night. While a classic black or even a brown smoky eye never goes out of style, choosing another color can be more intriguing. As summer fades into fall, green is a great option for a more eclectic take on the trend. Just follow these steps for a gorgeous green sheen.

Getting started
First thing's first: It's crucial to apply an eyeshadow primer to prevent the pigment from fading, creasing or smearing. While a little smudging is the key to a smoky look, you don't want to end up with raccoon eyes. Next, dab some concealer onto your lids to mask any imperfections. Camouflage Cream by BABOR is formulated specifically for the sensitive eye area, and can cover up any redness, dark circles or other discolorations. This provides the perfect base so that your green shadow looks vibrant.

Get green with envy
Next it's time to choose a color. A metallic moss looks whimsical on a hot summer night, while a deeper forest green looks stunning for autumn. Whatever you select – you'll need two different shades of the same hue. Start with a shadow that's just a shade darker than your natural skin tone all over your eyelid. Next, using a small brush, apply the lighter of the two green shadows from the outer edge of your eye across the crease and toward the inner corner. Sweep the deepest hue at the outer corner of your eye.

For a more natural daytime look, only dab a small amount of darker shadow on the upper edge, but for high impact at night, wet the brush to create a rich pigment. Using the Smudge Brush by GloMinerals, keep blending to create a softer smoky quality. Finish by dusting on more of the medium shade across the lid to enhance the gradient effect.

Now, carefully glide a black liquid liner on the top lash line for a cleaner take. Or, if you're looking for more intensity, go all out by lining the upper and lower lashes with a green pencil – like the Too Faced Perfect Waterproof Eyeliner in Perfect Moss. 

No smoky eye would be complete without a sweep of lengthening mascara. Start at the outer corners to really make your peepers pop – and don't be afraid to brush the bottom lashes, too, for extra oomph.

Trend alert: How to create a brown smoky eye

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Trend alert: How to create a brown smoky eye

While black is traditionally the color of choice for a smoky eye, brown can be just as smoldering. Mix it up with shades of burnt sienna or dark chocolate, which have been sported by celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Keira Knightley on the red carpet. The best part? This look works just as well for day or night.

Always start with an eyeshadow primer to make sure the pigment stays in place. Next, opt for The Daytime Eye Shadow Kit by Jane Iredale, which offers an array of perfect dark neutral hues in one convenient palette. Start with Almond as a base, which will help the other layers of color to appear richer and more vibrant. You can also dab Oyster over the browbone as a highlighter. After that, layer on the soft Cappuccino for a little more depth and be sure to blend the edges across the eyelid crease.

Next comes the most important step in getting the smoky effect. Using a dense blending brush, sweep Dark Suede from the outer corners of the eyes into the crease, blending as you go to avoid any harsh lines.

Finally, draw Too Faced’s Perfect Eyes Waterproof Pencil in Espresso across the upper lashline and carefully along the lower lashes. Finish with a few coats of brown Superiore State-of-the-Art Mascara from Borghese, focusing on the outer corners of your lashes.

Just remember to keep the rest of your makeup understated: A sweep of gloss over the lips and a natural-looking bronzer or blush are enough to complete the look without overpowering the face.

Try turquoise for a summer smoky eye

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Try turquoise for a summer smoky eye

The smoky eye is undoubtedly one of the sultriest makeup trends for the evening, but black isn't the only way to go. In fact, going with a brighter hue can be less harsh, softening the overall look. At the recent Chanel Fashion Show in Paris, Kristen Stewart sported a smoky eye with vivid blue highlights that was both soft and edgy at the same time.

To get Kristen's look, start by prepping eyelids with being TRUE Protective Shadow Primer. This product acts as an ideal base, especially in summer heat and humidity, ensuring that the pigment remains vibrant and doesn't smudge.

Next, sweep a rich, shimmer color like the crease-resistant Too Faced Single Eye Shadow in Aqua from the lash line to the crease, extending outwards and upwards at the corners for a subtle or wing, depending on your tastes. In order to achieve depth with a gradient effect, it's important to apply a deeper pigment, like GloMinerals gloEye Shadow in Mermaid with a small domed brush from the lash line and blend outward to the crease.

A good eyeliner is essential to the smoky eye – so glide on Sothys Graphic Kohl Liner from corner to corner on both upper and lower lash lines.

Finally, dab a shimmery line of Jane Iredale's Mystikol eyeliner and highlighter in one in Aquamarine at the inner corner of your eyes.

The best part? This turquoise look flatters every eye color and skin tone.

The secret to a perfect smokey cat eye is in the eye pencil

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

The secret to a perfect smokey cat eye is in the eye pencil

Want your eyes to look sexy and alluring? If so, you've probably perfected the art of creating a foolproof smokey eye, but blending this eye makeup trend with a more classic technique can be both smoldering and sophisticated. One of the coolest looks gaining steam everywhere from the red carpet to the runway is a smokey cat eye, which combines the chic appearance of a smokey eye with the timeless appeal of an elongated, feline-inspired eye shape. 

To get this top look, you need to have a great eyeliner. A soft pencil or liquid liner will do, but you have to have a long-lasting, reliable product that won't waver – no matter how late into the night you wear the makeup. Borghese Cosmetics offers an Eye Accento Pencil that's designed to last for hours without irritating your eyes. Another great option is BABOR's Maxi Definition Eye Contour Pencil, which provides bold color that will help you shape the eye with ease. 

The dark eyeliner will be used to line the inner rims of your eyes, as well as for creating the signature cat shape on your lid, so it's extremely important that you choose a product that you're comfortable with – and one that won't let you down. Also, pick a shadow that will blend well with your eyeliner, helping to create a smokey look with a well-defined shape.  With the help of the right liner, you'll be rocking the smokey cat eye in no time. 

Allure shares the secrets to creating the perfect smoky eye!

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Allure shares the secrets to creating the perfect smoky eye! There is no doubt that a smoky eye is both elegant and sexy, but many women may not try out the look because they’re intimidated by its hard-to-create reputation. However, experts at Allure magazine promise that crafting this sultry stare doesn’t have to be too tricky, as long as you have the right products.

Begin with a small, flat brush, and dust a matte, light gray powder over the entire lid. Next, apply a darker gray shadow into your crease and along your upper lash line. The news source suggests that those who want a more intense stare can opt for a matte black instead.

Put the brushes down and line your eyes with black pencil, and use a cotton swab to smudge the liner, as the publication promises this will up the smoky factor. Add a bit of dark gray or black shadow along your lower lash line.

To bring the look together, however, Allure shares one final secret – blend all the colors together! Use a domed eye shadow brush to apply a light layer of shimmering vanilla-colored powder, and swirl the shade over the lids.

The appropriate brushes are just as important as the perfect shadows when creating a smoky eye. Jane Iredale offers a wide variety of ideal applicators, and true beauty mavens can invest in the Professional Brush Set, which includes 16 brushes.ADNFCR-3538-ID-19908395-ADNFCR