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Hold on to summer while it lasts

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Summer doesn't have to be over!Unfortunately, summer is just one of the four seasons, which means it's rapidly coming to an end and making way for harsher weather. However, you don't have to let go of your summer styles yet. In fact, you should be milking them for all they're worth and perhaps even introducing a couple of new hues into your makeup collection. Glamour magazine pointed out a citrus-inspired look spotted on the runways that would be just perfect.

To look fresh and summery, skip out on the heavy makeup. While it is getting colder and you're likely not going to have to worry about sweat-proofing your face, you should still capture the bare essentials look by going minimal. Use a light foundation and powder to keep your skin matte, then forgo eye makeup altogether, except for a bit of mascara.

Choose a bold, light pink color for your lips, like Joey New York – Collagen Boosting Lipsticks in Deep Heat – Deep Raspberry. You can add gloss on top if you want to shine things up, but otherwise a coat or two is all you need. Then, paint your nails a citrus orange like Pixi – Nail Polish in Red-Orange. It's the perfect salute to the summer season.

Blush colors for summer

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Try this blush colors for summer.In the wintertime, your rosy cheeks come naturally when you step out into the bitter cold and expose your face to the elements. But with a sunkissed summer glow, your feminine blush can get lost under that perfect tan. If you want to give your cheeks just a bit of a boost, try one of these fun summertime shades so you can glow just like a sunset over the shore.

If you're rocking a deep tan, try a peachy shade of blush to complement the golden undertones in your skin. Stay away from anything that's too orange – the perfect peach blush combines elements of yellow, pink and red for a soft, tropical glow. Look for one with a bit of shimmer for a dewy look that'll give the impression you've been sitting by the beach all day long.

Fairer ladies should stick to tried-and-true pinks for their summer shades. Feel free to get a little bolder this summer and opt for something with a hint of magenta. This bright shade will give you a fantastic glow reminiscent of ripe berries and fresh watermelon – everything that's great about summer!

With just a touch of blush, you can give your face a gorgeous glow that's quite unlike the red sunburn you might have been sporting when you got back from the beach a few days ago.

Update your foundation for the summer

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Use bronzer for a summery glow.If you've been spending some time in the sun this summer (and we certainly hope you have!), you're probably a shade or two darker than you were in the depths of winter. Whether you got your tan while spending all week at the beach on a remote tropic isle or purchased it in a bottle at the drug store, sun-kissed summer skin can be a drastically different color than your winter complexion. What to do?

If you don't want to dump your old foundation and run out to get new products, only to be out of luck again when your tan fades, there's something you can do – bronzer. Instead of purchasing a new foundation, update your current one by buying a bronzer and swiping it over your cheeks to give yourself a little color. This way, you can get twice the mileage out of your regular foundation.

Bronzers are an excellent way to add a natural tan to your cheeks and give your look just a hint of summery shimmer. If you want to glow like you've spent the day in the sun, just brush a little bit of bronzer over the apples of your cheeks, on top of your normal foundation color. Voila! An instant dewy tan. Sweep a little extra on your decolletage for an all-over sun-kissed look.

What are your bare summer essentials?

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

What are your bare summer essentials?Every girl experiences the need to downsize every once in a while, and there's no time like the summer to skimp down on your daily essentials and get in touch with a simpler way of being. Whether you're traveling this season or simply looking to make your life a bit easier, here's a list of your bare summer makeup essentials.

A simplified face makeup process. We say this in general terms because every girl's needs are different. If you have near-perfect skin, we suggest you go bare save for a bit or regular or tinted moisturizer. If you've got more pressing needs requiring a bit of coverage, it's best to skimp on the foundation and replace it with a primer and tinted moisturizer combination instead. The primer helps your makeup stay on your face while evening out the skin's texture, and meanwhile, the moisturizer will balance your skin and provided extra coverage. For all skin types, concealer should be used minimally and on an as-needed basis.

A one-step cheek and lip tint. Opt for a creamy formula you can dab on your cheeks and pout as you see fit.

Translucent powder (or blotting sheets if your skin is a bit easier to tame).

Waterproof mascara – a couple swipes of this stuff, and you shouldn't have to worry about running or smudging in humid weather.

Strike the right balance with bronzer this summer

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Strike the right balance with bronzer this summerThere's no unwritten rule discouraging the use of bronzer – especially during the summer! – but if you plan on looking polished and sophisticated versus overeasy and overdone, you'd be wise to pay attention to the fine balancing act that bronzer requires.

According to, it's more de mode this summer to reach for shades with a hint of rose or gold in them.

"This summer, you'll be seeing more subtle glows than deep, savage tans," celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman told the news source. "Pink and gold undertones are going to be huge. They give a lighter, fresher and more natural air to a lift of color."

If you're a little lost at the makeup counter, reach for a bronzer compact that combines bronze and pink hues. Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer comes in a fun leopard-print design that'll make it both visually appealing and effortlessly easy to nail the shade you want this summer. Just be sure your foundation matches your natural summer glow, and do opt for brown or bronze eye makeup if you find that your regular winter black is starting to look a bit harsh in the sunlight.

Temper your makeup for summer swagger

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Temper your makeup for summer swaggerSummer, like winter, is a time for being bold – but in totally different ways. The burgundy lips that looked so de mode come late December are better off replaced with a honeysuckle stain once we enter the month of June, and as with all lip colors, there are ways to temper the rest of your makeup to match the dreamy season.

According to makeup artist Pat McGrath, bold brows should in no way be scrapped for the summertime, but it is recommended to make them look a bit less harsh.

"Use powder for a softer look, and don't be afraid to blend more than one color into your brows," McGrath told "Brow hair is not one flat color – that's what makes it look inauthentic."

When swapping out your makeup palette, don't forget to include your foundation as well. Your skin is generally one to two shades darker in the summer, so don't skimp on buying an updated product – think tinted moisturizer, not heavy pancake makeup!

Tips to help concealer and foundation last in the heat

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Tips to help concealer and foundation last in the heatWith the combination of heat and sun, women may often sweat off their foundation in the summer months. But, according to Allure magazine, there are a few simple ways that ladies can keep their makeup from melting.

To help your cosmetics last, use a primer before applying concealer and foundation. “The formula creates a barrier between your skin and your makeup and prolongs your overall look,” makeup artist James Boehmer told the news source.

When selecting a concealer, avoid liquid formulas and opt for a densely pigmented cream, as the thicker product is less likely to disappear in warm weather.

Though tinted moisturizers seem to be the popular choice during warm weather, some women always desire the full coverage that foundation offers. During summer, opt for a lightweight silicone-based formula, as the magazine reports that “silicone acts as a film between your skin and the humidity, preventing foundation from seeping into your pores or dribbling down your chin.”

For sheer coverage, the news source suggests applying foundation with a dampened makeup sponge, using short strokes. Give the makeup a minute to set before using additional cosmetics.ADNFCR-3538-ID-19914117-ADNFCR

A summer makeup trend for all skin tones

Monday, July 19th, 2010

A summer makeup trend for all skin tonesMany summer beauty fads seem to center around bursts of color, but one popular trend embodies exactly the opposite – a “naked” face. But just because the look sounds bare, you still need the appropriate products to create it.

“There’s a relaxed feel to this season’s beauty, but don’t think it’s easy,” makeup artist Emma Kotch told InStyle magazine. “It’s actually more challenging because you have to soften everything.”

According to the news source, starting with your skin is paramount, and one trick that stars with all skin tones use is mixing a liquid foundation with a daily face cream. “The moisturizer dilutes the foundation and helps it go on sheerer,” Kotch added.

Next, apply a bit of natural-looking color to your cheeks. Cream products may look most natural in the summer heat, but shade selection depends on your coloring. InStyle reports that while Jennifer Aniston prefers a dusty rose blush, Joy Bryant opts for a golden bronzer.

Finally, the experts suggest coating your lashes with a few swipes of black mascara for definition, and selecting a subtle lip product to match your skin tone. Thandie Newton pairs her olive complexion with a clear lip balm, and fair-skinned Kate Bosworth paints her pout with a natural pink stain.ADNFCR-3538-ID-19897675-ADNFCR