Summer is time for fun under the sun, but it can be damaging on your hair.


Do you consider yourself to be an upbeat, optimistic person? Are you happy with where your life is right now?

Key Tips For Staying Safe Under The Sun In 2013

With summer just around the corner, you’re likely stocking up on Exuviance skincare products and other cosmetics to ensure that you look your best once it’s time to hit the beach.

3 Spring Sun Care Tips For Every Woman

Now that spring is in full swing, more people are trying to soak up the sun, and you might be one of them!


How many times have you come across facial makeup and moisturizers that contain SPF and asked yourself what this means?

Do You Know How To Hide A Sunburn With Your Makeup?

You might have had a great time on your vacation to the tropics, but spending too much time under the sun may have left you with an icky sunburn.

Have You Been Forgetting To Apply Sunscreen?

Life’s too short to accelerate the process with wrinkles – don’t forget your sunscreen!


Regularly applying sunscreen will keep you from looking like a human lobster. It is also reduces the possibility of wrinkles later on down the line.

How To Get Your Guy To Wear Sunscreen

Women who peruse beauty magazines and blogs are always reading about ways to keep safe from the sun’s damaging UV rays, but guys who don’t have such literary tastes don’t get the same helpful info.

In this product video, Beauty Bridge makeup artist Erica Carr discusses Rilastil – Suncare Lotion SPF 50.

Two Places Where You Might Be Forgetting SPF

By now, you know that it’s essential to load up with sunblock before you head outside.

Why Sunscreen Is Necessary 7 Days A Week, 365 Days A Year

Many women believe that they don’t need to wear sunscreen if they’re not planning to spend the day outside.