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How to sweat-proof your makeup

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

How to sweat-proof your makeup

One thing's for sure: As the temperatures rise, you have to adjust your beauty regiment to make sure your makeup lasts. Whether you're soaking up the sun on a beach somewhere, having a romantic patio dinner or rocking out at an outdoor concert, here's a few tips to make sure you're makeup is melt-proof.

A primer is the first step to a lasting look because it creates a barrier between your skin and humidity. Prep with Primer Sunreliable SPF 20 by Colorescience Pro, which comes in three different formulas that camouflage redness, give a sun-kissed glow and mattify oily complexions. While you're at it, apply the Protective Shadow Primer by being TRUE, which keeps eye pigment in place and prevents creasing.

A long-wearing, silicone-based foundation is key for all-day perfection. Mineral BB Cream SPF 25 by G.M. Collin not only evens out skin tone, moisturizes and covers up flaws, but also safeguards the skin against harmful rays. The silky silicones smooth out the skin's surface, resulting in the perfect canvas for the rest of your makeup. A cream blush is more likely stay put in sweltering heat, and a lip stain won't budge either. Waterproof mascara is a no-brainer to avoid racoon eyes.

Finish with Jane Iredale's Brush-Me Matte, which is formulated with rice powder to keep oil and shine under control. The self-contained brush makes it easy to toss into your bag for quick on-the-go touch-ups.

With these steps, you'll look fresh even in the dog days of summer.

3 ways to help your makeup beat the summer heat

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

3 ways to help your makeup beat the summer heat

If you love summer but you don't like the way it affects your appearance, you're not alone! Many women struggle to maintain their glamorous looks once the warm weather arrives. The heat can quickly cause everything from your mascara to your eyeshadow to run if you aren't prepared. Here are some tips for keeping your face together when you need to go outside.

1. Cut back on makeup
Allure magazine recommended keeping it simple with concealer or foundation to hide your flaws – nothing else. Don't feel obligated to pile on the makeup when it's humid outside. Doing so will make you feel uncomfortable, and it'll show on the surface of your skin.

2. Use a matte eyeshadow
The Huffington Post suggested using a matte eyeshadow to ensure that color stays on your lids, even when it's hotter than you can handle outside. Of course, don't forget to use primer to prevent running and creases!

3. Waterproof it
If possible, look for waterproof mascara and other smudge-proof makeup to wear during the summer. These cosmetics are specifically designed for long wear, meaning you won't have to concern yourself with whether your makeup is melting off of your face in the heat.

3 items you must have in your beach bag this summer

Friday, June 7th, 2013

3 items you must have in your beach bag this summer

If you plan on hitting the beach this summer, you're going to need more than just a large bottle of suntan lotion to look your best on the shore. In addition to SPF makeup and moisturizer to protect yourself from the sun, there are a few other key items you should include in your beach bag. 

1. Waterproof mascara
Because you'll likely be taking a dip in the ocean, Real Simple magazine claims that you'll want to have waterproof mascara on hand to make sure that your peepers always look beautiful when you're a little wet. A moisture-proof formula also ensures that sweat won't cause your makeup to run under the sun.

2. Sun hat
Both your scalp and your luscious locks can get burned under the scorching sun. AOL recommends bringing a sun hat along for your trip for the utmost protection. Your burn-free scalp will thank you for wearing it later!

3. SPF lip balm
The salty air can quickly dry out your plump pout while you're near the sea. Make sure to include an SPF lip balm in your beach bag to keep your lips hydrated, protected and silky smooth.

3 tips for maintaining your makeup this spring

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

3 tips for maintaining your makeup in spring

As soon as spring arrives, you’re likely going to want to spend more time under the sun enjoying the warm temperatures. However, the heat can be the enemy if you happen to be wearing an ample amount of eyeshadow, blush and eyeliner on a hot spring afternoon. Here are some tips on how to maintain your look, regardless of the weather, and make sure you always look beautiful.

1. Use primer
Once the thermostat begins to rise, primer will become your best friend, according to Good Housekeeping magazine. Using primer before applying everything from eyeshadow to blush can give you peace of mind, as you’ll know that your makeup won’t fade under the heat!

2. Go waterproof
If you don’t trust your eyeliner or other makeup to stay put throughout warm spring days, SheKnows recommends going waterproof. In addition to reducing the chances of smudging and running, waterproof makeup can allow you to maintain your look for longer without the need for a touch-up.

3. Wear SPF
These days, it’s easier than ever to find makeup that offers SPF protection against the sun and ultraviolet rays. Look for these types of cosmetics to slow the development of fine lines and wrinkles.

Secrets behind the formula of waterproof mascara

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Secrets behind the formula of waterproof mascaraWhile many products have seasonal appeal – foundation that won’t sweat-off in the summer, cream blushes that moisturize dry, winter skin – waterproof mascara seems to be in-demand year-round, whether you’re looking for a formula that will stay-put during a snowstorm or a day at the beach.

But, while we all worship at the altar of waterproof mascaras, you may still be curious as to how the magical formula resists water so well.

“Waterproof mascaras do not contain water, and are free of ingredients that mix or dissolve with water,” industry expert Terry Van Liew told “The formulas contain non-water soluble film formers that help with wear and create a film that fully coats lashes. Finding the correct film former is the most challenging and creative aspect of developing a waterproof mascara.”

However, while some products promise a waterproof formula that will increase lash length and others vow to resist water and maximize volume, women who want it all may have to wait a bit longer.

“Wax is a key mascara ingredient and we use different waxes to create the mascara’s end look,” Van Liew added. “Some waxes lend themselves to building, while others lend themselves toward lengthening.”ADNFCR-3538-ID-19918587-ADNFCR