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Complement bright lipstick with a pearly white smile

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Complement bright lipstick with a pearly-white smile

You already know that neon lipstick is one of the hottest lipstick colors – but do you know all about the tricks you can use to pull off this look? While matching the lip color to your outfit and face makeup is certainly important, one of the most effective things you can do to set off your bright lips is to make sure your teeth are an equally brilliant shade of white.

Not much will complement neon hues more than a pearly white teeth, and you can achieve this by investing in teeth whitening systems designed to give you all the tools you need to feel confident in your smile. Before you try one of the gels, rinses or whitening toothpastes, there are a few things you should know.

For one, there’s a difference between surface whiteners and teeth bleaches. Bleaches actually change the color of the tooth and should be done in a dentist’s office with proper supervision. Although store-bought versions of this are out there, you should still talk to a dentist before using them in case there are any concerns about your teeth.

Surface whiteners, however, only remove stains from the tooth surface and are typically available in gels or pastes that can be used as part of a home care system with ease.

Fixing a wine-stained pout

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Red wine can wreak havoc on your smile!If you're a wine drinker, you're probably familiar with the way red wine tends to stain your mouth. The tannins that come from the grape skins are the culprit. Luckily, there are a few ways you can fix the red teeth, lips and tongue problem.

If you're out to dinner, Cosmopolitan magazine suggests asking the waiter for a slice of lemon. Take that and a bit of table salt into the bathroom, then rub the lemon and salt over your teeth. The acids and salt will scrub the stains right off, and the lemon will even freshen your breath!

You could also use a product like GoSMILE – TOUCH UP Mini (pear-licious) to freshen up your teeth and whiten at the same time. The best part is that these will fit right into your purse, so you can touch up your smile anywhere.

To remove stains from your lips, rub them with a damp washcloth to exfoliate. Then, use a lipstick like Paula Dorf – Lip Color to hide the evidence. No one will be able to tell that you've been indulging in vino.

Preventing the dreaded lipstick teeth

Friday, January 20th, 2012

There's nothing worse than getting lipstick on your teeth!More than likely, you've seen at least one unfortunate soul walking around with bright red lipstick on her teeth. Whether you told her about the slip-up is irrelevant, but you probably made a note to yourself never to fall victim to this lipstick-teeth phenomenon. But now that red lipstick is a total beauty "do," how do you prevent it from happening?

According to Cosmopolitan magazine, red lipsticks normally have more pigment than lighter shades, and the contrast between white teeth is more dramatic. To keep your grin from wearing red, it helps to subdue the color. After you apply a lipstick like theBalm – Read My Lips Lipstick, blot it with a tissue.

Next, use a cotton swab to rub any pigment off of your teeth, then smear a bit of petroleum jelly on the other end of the stick and swipe it over your teeth. It will create a handy barrier that will protect your pearly whites and make your smile a bit glossier (just don't use a ton).

Red lipstick can really highlight the color of your teeth, so make sure your white is up to par by using Supersmile – Travel Kit.

Easy tips to get a whiter smile

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

A whiter smile is easier to achieve than you think!Most women would jump at the chance to get a whiter smile, but not everyone has the time or money to spend on intense whitening treatments at the dentist. Instead of feeling self-conscious about a lackluster smile, there are a few ways you can incorporate whitening habits into your daily routine, recommended by Marie Claire magazine.

1. After every meal, swish water around in your mouth for 30 seconds. Doing so will prevent stains from food sticking to your teeth.

2. Eat raw fruits and vegetables with a bit of crunch. This will not only help to scrub the surface of your teeth, but it will produce extra saliva, which works to naturally whiten and clean your teeth.

3. Before brushing your teeth, use Supersmile – Whitening Floss to remove any food particles and discourage stains from forming in between your teeth.

4. Wear a smile-brightening lipstick, like ModelCo – Star Smile Teeth Whitener and Hydrating Lipstick. Blue undertones make your teeth appear whiter, but steer clear of orange, which could bring out yellow hues.

Why aren’t you smiling?

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

You don't have to be afraid to show your teeth anymore!Most people's faces are pretty neutral when they're just walking around throughout the day, so it can be really annoying when strangers see your face and tell you to smile. You're not sad – that's just your normal face! It would be a little weird to walk around with a smile plastered on, so it's likely that these strangers are just trying to talk to you.

A normal response would be to smile back or just ignore them, but perhaps the reason why you're not smiling in the first place is because you're a little self-conscious about your yellowish teeth. Not to worry because there are plenty of ways to get brighter teeth without having to shell out tons of money at the dentist or undergoing bleaching sessions. A kit like Supersmile – Professional Whitening System will give you whiter teeth in a matter of days, and you don't have to deal with messy and uncomfortable trays.

Lipstick shades can also make your teeth look brighter. A product like ModelCo – Star Smile Teeth Whitener and Hydrating Lipstick comes with a whitening product and lipstick all in one, so it's easy too apply wherever you go for a smile that you can flash to anyone – but only if you want to!

Keeping your teeth bright and stain-free

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Keep those chompers sparkling!If you're worried about a lackluster smile, have no fear. Plenty of teeth-whitening products, like Supersmile – Professional Whitening System, can gently and safely whiten your teeth 'til they're practically blinding! Once you've gotten a brighter smile, you will likely want to keep it that way, so be careful what you eat and how you treat your teeth to avoid re-staining them.

Dental care is important to maintain a healthy, white smile. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing once a day to remove plaque. A whitening toothpaste will also help to remove stains and prevent yellowing. Not only will taking care of your teeth prevent stains, but you'll also keep them healthy and avoid cavities.

Brush or rinse your teeth immediately after eating or drinking foods that can potentially color your teeth permanently, like red wine, tea, berries and coffee. A straw can help your teeth avoid coming into contact with staining liquids.

Every so often, consider retouching your teeth with a whitening product. If you smoke or drink lots of stain-inducing beverages, you may need to re-whiten more often. As long as you keep up your dental hygiene, there's no reason why your pearly whites won't stay that way!

Using lipstick to make your teeth whiter – and other lippy tricks

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Finding the right lipstick makes all the difference.From creating the perfect pucker to enhancing those rosy cheeks, there’s so much you can do with the right lipstick! Here are just a few of the tricks you can apply to make sure that your lip color is making a fabulous contribution to your all-over makeup routine every morning, evening and night.

A deep red lipstick can make your teeth appear yellowish, so unless you have a brilliant, flawless smile, try a softer, pinker shade to make those pearly whites appear, well, white. And speaking of teeth, prevent getting lipstick on them by popping a finger in your mouth after you finish applying your cosmetics. Pull it out, and the excess lippy will come off on your finger rather than your two front teeth. (It’s also a good idea to check the mirror before you leave the house, just to make sure.)

Lipliner is strictly optional. Many women simply wear lipstick and leave it at that, but if you want to fill out thinner lips, using a little liner just outside the edges of your natural pout can help add volume. Be careful, though – match your liner to your lipstick, or you’ll wind up looking like you’re in costume makeup. Dark liner with light lipstick doesn’t look good on anyone! For added volume, swipe gloss over your lipstick for an irresistible shine.

If you go to take a sip from a cup later in the evening, give you lips a quick lick before you place them on the glass – you won’t leave a strain!

Which teeth-whitening products to avoid

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Which teeth-whitening products to avoidWe're confident most of you wouldn't douse your teeth in Clorox to attain the perfect shade of whiteness, but it's always useful to know what to look for in specially-formulated teeth-whitening systems.

"The at-home whitening systems that use peroxide are just as effective – but not as fast – as office treatments, which combine peroxide and a light or laser," according to "Avoid trays that were not created with a mold of your mouth – the peroxide can leak out and irritate your gums."

Beyond this, it's always a good idea to reach only for products that have been approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). You wouldn't want to take medicines or vitamins that hadn't passed safety standards, so why take risks with your teeth?

Lastly, it's important to stick to a product you find manageable. Strips and professional whitening systems are among the most effective do-it-yourself products, but many people prefer to whiten up in other ways – check out Supersmile Whitening Floss or Supersmile Professional Whitening Gum if you're curious.

Act now: You’ve still got time to flash a white smile for Valentine’s Day

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Act now: You've still got time to flash a white smile for Valentine's DayIf you've been fretting over the condition of your smile for the past couple weeks but haven't gotten up the motivation to do anything about it, you've actually got the perfect time-frame between now and Valentine's Day to whiten up your grin.

Lest you get complacent, however, you'll want to start immediately in order to fix up your smile for cupid's holiday, as two weeks is generally the minimum that's required for most teeth-whitening systems to work.

If you're feeling a bit short on time, try Supersmile Professional Whitening System – some may see results in as little as 10 days, and you barely have to take a minute out of your regular beauty routine to make it work. The accelerator and toothpaste work in tandem and the products can be used as a substitute for your regular teeth-cleaning regimen.

Those of you who are really on the go will love the convenience of Supersmile's Professional Whitening Gum. It's exactly what it sounds like – sugar-free gum that not only provides lasting whitening results, but promotes fresh breath and gum health as well.

Study reveals men dig red lipstick

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Study reveals men dig red lipstickNo matter how much you like emphasizing you eyes or creating a sun-kissed flow, the next time you are getting ready for a first date, you may want to play up your pout.

According to the Daily Mail, a new study by researchers at Manchester University found that during the first 10 seconds of meeting a woman, men will spend most of the time looking at her mouth. Additionally, lip color had a bigger effect on levels of attraction than lip shape.

“For centuries, women have painted their lips red to enhance their appeal,” said Dr. Geoff Beattie, who led the study. “Our research suggests that red lips and perceived attractiveness are still inextricably linked, with red lipstick the most powerful attractor, and one that significantly increases visual fixation.”

For an attention grabbing smile, condition your pout with a hydrating balm to smooth any cracks or flakes. Line your lips with a pencil that matches your natural lip color, tracing ever-so-slightly outside your lip line. Color in your pout completely to provide a solid base for your lip color.

Select a red lipstick with blue undertones, as the cool shade will make your teeth appear whiter. When working with a bold color, mistakes are especially noticeable, so apply a creamy formula with a lip brush for maximum control.

Check out Lipstick Queen for more daring colors like blood red or brick red lipsticks.