Sometimes, it can be difficult to select the eye makeup that will best enhance your eye color. Should brown-eyed beauties don cocoa-colored cosmetics, or should they opt for a contrasting silver-toned eyeshadow instead?

Whether they are getting ready for a relative’s wedding or for a homecoming dance, there are occasions when girls don a bit more makeup to achieve a stronger, more elegant look. However, dark, smoky eyes and bold red lips can look too mature on a young face.

Whether you consider them a lucky sprinkling of beauty marks or a frustrating collection of spots, many women boast a face full of freckles. Even girls who are typically freckle-free may may notice a few dotting their complexion after months of summertime-sun exposure.

Impeccably maintained nails are a quick and easy way to create a polished look, but between busy work days and hectic social schedules, it can be nearly impossible to find the time to schedule a manicure.

While women often apply one shade of each type of makeup – a single color of blush and one tube of lipstick – those who want to add an extra bit of pizazz to their look may want to consider wearing two-toned makeup.

Makeup trends tend to change with the season – vibrant brights may be more popular in the summer, while cooler tones are embraced in the winter. However, one look seems to be a year-round staple of all girls’ cosmetic arsenals – the red lip.

With each new season comes a slew of cosmetic trends. According to, one of this fall’s biggest trends is sculpted, neutral makeup.

Between creams and serums, shadows and liners, women seem to constantly be searching for ways to make their eyes look younger. Luckily, Yahoo Shine gathered four important tips for taking years off your eyes.

While stars often dispense beauty advice, sometimes it’s the industry experts that have the best insider tips. Recently, celebrity makeup artist Mai Quynh, who has worked with Kristen Stewart and Kristen Bell, shared her three best beauty tips with Glamour magazine.

While some women are blessed with naturally full brows, other ladies require the assistance of makeup to enhance sparse arches. Unfortunately, it’s no secret that crafting defined yet natural-looking arches can be difficult.

Oftentimes, people with certain skin conditions need to be particularly careful when selecting their beauty products. It may be difficult, for instance, for individuals with rosacea to find a facial exfoliant.

Even if the alarm goes off hours before you have to leave for work, there are mornings when time flies by and you end up with just a few minutes left to apply your makeup. Instead of forgoing your beauty routine or making yourself late, here are a few expert tips to putting on makeup in a flash.