From Rihanna to Hayley Williams, it seemed that red hair was all the rage at MTV’s Video Music Awards. Undoubtedly, these stylish stars will inspire gals across the country to dye their strands a special shade of scarlet. Ladies who want to sport crimson-colored locks should keep in mind that they may need to pick up cosmetics in brand new hues as well.

While the temperatures begin to drop and leaves are starting to turn, women across the country are filling up their cosmetic cases with the freshest makeup for fall. But, thanks to New York Fashion Week, which kicked off last week, some analysts are already predicting the beauty trends for spring 2011.

With a new season approaching, it’s not uncommon for women to put down their previously worn perfumes in favor of a fresh fragrance. And, now that autumn is almost here, ladies may be looking for a brand new scent.

When putting together a bag for work, few women will forget to pack their wallets and cell phones, but there is often an additional item that many don’t realize they need until it’s too late – a small case of cosmetics in case a beauty emergency strikes.

As the hottest fall trends slowly make their way into women’s daily beauty routines, there is one hip look that more than a few girls may be intimidated by – the bold lip. However, thanks to a few tips from beauty experts, the look can be easy to achieve.

Rihanna is known for many things, including her Caribbean-infused pop music, her edgy fashions and her ever-changing hair color. The beauty from Barbados has sported dark locks and blonde strands, and most recently made waves as a redhead.

While many people view Labor Day weekend as a time to bid adieu to beach parties, sandals and warm weather, it also marks the end of summer beauty trends. According to, there are a few fads that ladies should retire as the temperatures drop and the leaves start changing.

After the Emmys were handed out at Sunday’s awards show, most of the talk turned to what each star was wearing, and many critics agreed that this year’s best-dressed starlet was Glee star Lea Michele, pictured here at the Teen Choice Awards. The Emmy-nominee wowed the crowd in a strapless midnight blue number that featured a mermaid-like ruffled silhouette.

When applying makeup, subtlety can often be harder to accomplish than drama – after all, a single swipe of dark shadow over one’s lid can create a boldly glamorous look in no time, while attempting to frame eyes with refined definition can take hours.

While smoky eyes are often a staple of red carpet looks, there was one star who decided to don subtle eye makeup and instead play up her pout – Jewel. The blonde-haired beauty, who performed a song during Sunday’s Emmy Awards show, looked simply stunning in her classically applied makeup.

As any girl-on-the-go will tell you, there are days where it feels like there simply isn’t enough time to get everything done. From early morning meetings to after-work trips to the gym and late-night plans, it’s imperative that you keep your face looking flawless as you’ll barely have time to look in the mirror as you run from location to location.

While many people tune into the Emmy Awards to see which actors take home the coveted statues, others watch the event to observe the latest trends in the fashion and beauty world. And, after Sunday’s awards show, it seems that some of television’s most glamorous gals are rocking some seriously dark manicures.