While there are a wide range of hair removal techniques, few can argue that the fastest (and easiest!) way to get rid of unwanted hair is shaving. However, shaving can often cause ingrown hairs, bumps and fast-growing stubble.

People get tattoos for a variety of reasons – ink can honor a loved one, commemorate a meaningful event or symbolize an important personal belief. However, for every well-thought-out tattoo, there is a piece of body art that was nothing more than an impulsive action, and many people end up regretting these ill-conceived inkings.

While some women view manicures as a luxurious pleasure for special occasions, other women regard the treatment as a necessity of their beauty routine. And while the process can take up to an hour, it only takes a second to smudge, chip or crack the perfect polish.

With holiday season approaching, many of us are going to be packing our bags and heading home. And while packing can always be a bit of a hassle, women who must travel by plane are sure to feel pressured to pack as lightly as possible, especially given the strict carry-on requirements enforced worldwide.

While bolder colors are definitely in this fall, that doesn’t mean that the dark makeup must translate into a harsh or severe look. In fact, one of the hottest trends is to apply bold lipstick in a less precise manner.

It’s an eternally debated question – when applying makeup should you select colors that match your ensemble, complementary hues that accent your outfit, or neutral shades that let your get-up take center stage?

Whether you’ve been wearing makeup for years or you are relatively new to the world of cosmetics, many women can agree that beautifying their eyes is one of the trickiest parts of creating a gorgeous look – from shade selection to application, the process can be overwhelming.

New York Fashion Week has come to a close, and while many fashionistas are still discussing the various collections that were shown, others in the beauty world are still reeling from the countless makeup looks that premiered on the spring 2011 runways. However, given the overwhelming amount of shows, it can be difficult to sort […]

While most women have certain products that they swear by, now that the fall is here, ladies may want to consider updating a few items in their cosmetic cases.