While women often experiment with a wide variety of lip colors, and are quick to try out shadows of all hues, some ladies may be more apprehensive about donning different shades of blush, often sticking with a pink-toned powder. While rosy cheeks are delightful, why not try an earthy color.

Now that the holiday season is upon us, people everywhere are beginning to search for the perfect presents to give to their loved ones. Gift sets filled with fragrant beauty products are a great gift for women of all ages, but selecting the right one can be tricky.

Winter is almost here, which means cold and flu season is on its way as well. While many people prepare for the season by purchasing cough drops and tissues, glamour girls may be more inclined to stock up on beauty supplies to keep them looking great no matter how sick they feel.

Following the news of her engagement to Prince William, Kate Middleton has become an international "it" girl. Gals around the world are emulating the future royal’s style, and have been clamoring to find out any and all of her beauty secrets.

Whether she’s rocking a smoky eye or a bold red lip, Rachel McAdams usually looks like a million bucks at movie premieres and awards shows. However, it seems the leading lady wasn’t always the poster girl for impeccable makeup.

Bamboo has long been praised as a great material for those looking to go green – flooring, furniture and fabrics have all been produced from the fast-growing grass. Now, it seems as though the plant is being used in another innovative way – as a key ingredient in beauty products.

Whether you have an early meeting or are running late to meet your friends for drinks, sometimes you don’t have a whole lot of time to create a flawless appearance. Luckily, makeup artist Jason Garner recently shared some tips with StyleList.com that he promises will have a big impact in a short amount of time.

No matter how much you like emphasizing you eyes or creating a sun-kissed flow, the next time you are getting ready for a first date, you may want to play up your pout.

It appears that Kingston Rossdale is already following in his parents’ rock and roll footsteps – at least as far as his personal style is concerned. The 4-year-old son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale recently stepped out sporting a bleached blonde mohawk and multi-colored nails.

Whether you’ve been wearing makeup for years or have only recently begun to dabble in the world of cosmetics, applying smoldering eye makeup can be tricky. Unlike a smoky eye, this look is more subtle, but creates a stare that is just as sultry. But, because appropriate applications can vary significantly depending upon your eye shape, creating the perfect look isn’t easy.

When wearing a nude-colored dress, it’s hard to keep from looking washed out without a lot of makeup, which makes Elizabeth Moss’ recent look so impressive. At the 38th Annual International Emmy Awards Gala in New York City, Moss sported a flesh-toned gown and minimal makeup, and appeared more fresh-faced than ever.

When selecting makeup for an elegant ensemble, there are few colors that can pair perfectly with gowns of any hue. However, judging from the glamorous gals at the 2010 Pride of Britain Awards, there is one product that will look great with a multitude of different tones – bright red lipstick.