There are few accessories more synonymous with celebrity than a large pair of sunglasses. Whether starlets want to walk around incognito or simply feel like hiding behind large frames, oversized eyewear is immensely popular in Hollywood.

If there is one thing we can guarantee on your wedding day, it’s that you will spend the entire time smiling, so it’s imperative that you have impeccable lip color to best enhance your pout. But before you lacquer your lips, there are a few elements to consider.

While Padma Lakshmi may be known for her culinary accomplishments and television gigs – she’s written several cookbooks and has hosted Bravo’s Top Chef since the series’ second season – she began her career as a model. So, it’s not surprising that many women across the country are interested in Lakshmi’s beauty secrets.

As skin ages, wrinkles develop and fine lines become more defined. And while many cosmetics can be used on a wide range of faces, there are a few items that more mature women may want to avoid, as they can draw attention to wrinkles.

When shopping for a lip color, it seems that women often pay more attention to the hue than to the formula. However, the product’s formula could have just as much of an impact on your overall look as the color.

Actresses often have to sport a variety of hairstyles depending upon their latest roles, and Rachel McAdams is no exception. Recently, Rachel’s makeup artist – and sister – Kayleen spoke to InStyle magazine about selecting makeup based on her older sister’s tresses.

It seems that there is a limitless selection of hair shampoos and conditioners available, and selecting the appropriate products can seem overwhelming. There are potions that promise to add volume to limp locks and solutions to smooth frizzy strands. However, if you often treat your hair with chemicals – dyes, perms, Brazilian blowouts – don’t choose a shampoo based on how you want your hair to look.

While acne is often regarded as a teenage ailment, the skin condition can leave marks that affect many people for years after the blemishes clear up. But before you treat the scarred areas, you should consider your coloring.

Whether you are preparing for a long day at the office or an even longer night out on the town, there is one thing all women would like to avoid – runny eye makeup. But short of hourly touch-ups, how can you avoid a makeup meltdown?

Now that the summer sun has set, many women have broken out the bronzer in hopes of hiding their pale skin. But instead of a fake bake, why not brighten your complexion with a warm blush? It’s a quick and easy way to look fresh-faced and healthy.

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, women everywhere are getting ready to board planes, trains and automobiles to get home for the holidays.

While fall makeup often involves deep tones and a dramatic application, an autumnal palette can also be used to create a rich but subdued look. Don’t take our word for it – just look to a former reality TV star.