Women in Tokyo have long been recognized for their bold beauty choices, so it may not be surprising that a new survey has revealed that they apply more makeup than gals in other Asian cities. In fact, 80 percent of female Tokyoites wear cosmetics at least five days a week, The Japan Times Online reports.

While many women think that the coverage of their eyeshadow hinges upon the pigment’s formula (creams can appear more opaque on lids than powders), the tools used to apply the makeup can also impact its overall look.

While coloring one’s hair is often viewed as an aesthetic choice, ladies who desire a higher salary may want to consider highlighting their locks as well. According to The Daily Mail, a study by Superdrug found that blondes earn approximately £600 (roughly $930) more than brunettes and redheads.

While Glamour.com recently praised Emma Stone for tinting her brows to match her red color-treated hair (the actress is a natural blonde), we can’t help but applaud another starlet for doing the opposite. At the premiere of Blue Valentine, Michelle Williams stepped out with platinum locks and dark brown brows.

Whether they’re preparing for a New Year’s Eve party or ditching the winter weather for a warmer climate, many women will soon be rocking dresses that show off their legs. And while some gals will sport tights, others may prefer the alluring appeal of bare legs.

While many women may already have the perfect dress for their New Year’s Eve celebrations, ladies shouldn’t forget one of the most important components to creating a festive appearance – a killer hairstyle! However, styling your strands doesn’t have to be complicated. According to Allure magazine, there are a few accessories that will instantly add flair to your locks.

While 2010 was filled with a plethora of red carpet looks that left many speechless, people were also captivated by dramatic makeup on movie screens around the country.One of the most remarkable appearances was Natalie Portman in Black Swan.

Those who want a flawless face often stock up on moisturizers, exfoliants and concealer, but according to one skincare expert, ladies may also want to watch what they eat.

Many people who go home for the holidays spend the week after Christmas taking a break from work and relaxing with family. And now that the stress of the holiday season is behind you, why not treat yourself to some at-home beauty treatments? It’s a great way to look and feel your best before New Year’s Day.

One of the hottest looks of the season may seem more suited for the summer, but is heating up the winter just fine – bright pink lipstick. This ultra-feminine trend has graced such famous faces as Kate Bosworth and The X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd, but there are a few things women should be aware of before painting their pouts.

It’s no secret that creating a natural-looking appearance can often take more time and products than crafting a smoky eye and complicated up ‘do. But don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed by trying to look effortless – even one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood can relate to your troubles.

From Nicki Minaj to the candy-hued runways at Fashion Week, it’s clear that the current trend is to load up on the color. However, some women may feel a bit apprehensive dying their strands to match the rainbow or painting on an orange pout and lime eyeliner.