While many of Hollywood’s most glamorous women are naturally beautiful, they also have teams of stylists that know every trick to ensure that the ladies appear their best. Luckily for those of us who don’t walk the red carpet regularly, some of the biggest industry experts recently shared their tips for looking fantastic.

Lauren Conrad recently made headlines when she abandoned her signature blonde strands for a darker ‘do. However, it seems that there is one trademark look that Conrad is hanging onto – winged eyeliner.

Now that it’s a new year, it’s the perfect time to take a few beauty risks. And while chopping your hair off and dying it platinum like Ashlee Simpson or rocking neon shadow like Rachel McAdams may seem too extreme for some, why not take a cue from Jennifer Love Hewitt’s unique manicure?

While it’s no secret that many gals love beauty products, a new study suggests that some women view makeup as a necessity. According to the Daily Mail, the research, funded by UK retail store Superdrug, a third of ladies wear makeup every time they go out and approximately 50 percent prefer to wear makeup to going bare.

Warm up in the winter with orange lipstick

In the winter, many women long for bronzed skin but fear that they won’t be able to achieve a healthy glow until the summer rolls around. However, according to a new study, ladies can achieve a golden complexion year-round by eating specific foods, the Daily Mail reports.

While beauty blogs are often abuzz due to Ashley Simpson’s ever-changing hairstyles – she recently hacked off her long, auburn-colored locks for a blonde, gamine cut – it seems that her husband has stolen her tress-centered spotlight. Pete Wentz recently made headlines when he stepped out sporting a natural, relatively un-styled ‘do.

There are some beauty trends that look fantastic on the runway but rarely translate well to everyday life, such as blue lipstick and red eyeshadow.

When a new year begins, many women decide to make a change in their lives, whether it’s joining a gym or getting more sleep every night. In Hollywood, however, it seems that some of the most famous faces are ringing in 2011 with a different alteration – dying their hair.

While many women affected by the high unemployment rates are fixing up their resumes and perfecting their interview skills to get back into the workforce, they may want to put down the laptop and pick up some eyeshadow. According to Reuters, an unemployment agency in France is offering a free day of pampering to boost their confidence.

While we all take an occasional makeup misstep, we are usually able to forget the error in a few days. Celebrities whose every moves are documented by the paparazzi, however, are not so lucky, as their cosmetic catastrophes are often photographed and preserved for years to come.

When the temperatures start dropping, many women transition from the warm colors of summer to the cooler tones often associated with winter. Silver-flecked navys, purples and blue-toned reds are popular when the snow starts falling, but what about women who prefer yellows and oranges?