If you find yourself wasting time trying to get your foundation to look picture perfect, get ready for some good news. Makeup artist Daniel Martin recently spoke to Refinery 29 and revealed a tip to flawless looking foundation.

French manicures are about a dime a dozen, even if they typically set you back a good $20. While this classic application is timeless, have you ever searched for an alternative to getting white tips?

If you’re like the rest of us, you probably don’t need to be told twice to pamper yourself. That being said, what better occasion to draw a luxurious bubble bath than the ever-notorious February 14?

As temperatures slowly inch up and we receive a much-needed boost for our winter-weary morale, our attention invariably turns to the next hottest thing. So what’s on the menu for spring this year?

You don’t have to be an appraisal expert to recognize that Rihanna’s makeup at last night’s Grammy Awards was nothing less than out of this world.

In this pro video series, Makeup Artist Erica Carr walks you through creating a soft, romantic look for those special date-nights.

If there’s anyone that wows us time and again for her stellar fresh-faced beauty, it’s Miss Jennifer Aniston. That being said, it’s hardly a surprise that she gone done it again at the New York City premiere of her new movie, Just Go With It.

As though having acne wasn’t bad enough, some of us may have to live with unsightly scars following the conclusion of our pimple-ridden teenage years. Fortunately, you can properly stock your makeup arsenal with products and tricks to help you blast the scars away for good – or at least until you wash your face at night.

With its enticing array of unique color combinations, opening an eyeshadow quad can feel like lifting the lid off of a delicious box of chocolates, and it’s true when they say that you never know what you’re going to get.

It’s no secret that the ’80s revival has been happening for quite some time (in other words, since the ’80s). That being said, we’re excited to announce that there’s no better time than the present moment to flaunt a bubblegum pink pout.

Some of us have grown up with the mantra that once a day is not the way. Then again, if you’re a frequent shower offender like so many people, you can’t help but shampoo every morning, because going without washing just doesn’t feel right.

Many women don’t necessarily see anything wrong with processing their hair on a daily basis, but what they may not know could actually hurt them in the long run. Harsh treatments and haircare procedures can leave hair dried, frizzed and damaged, and may actually prevent women from growing their hair at the rate that they want it to grow.