While conditioner is highly recommended for just about anyone who has hair, selecting the right formula for your tresses is often difficult. Some formulas can be too heavy for fine, feathery strands, while conversely, a thick mop may require heavy-duty intervention.

The world of foundation has changed beyond your grandmother’s wildest dreams, and in case you’ve still been abiding by her guidelines, it’s high time you revamped your face makeup procedures.

News sites have been aflutter with commentary regarding Rachel Bilson’s makeup look at the recent premiere of her new movie, Waiting for Forever. It’s not hard to see why – the starlet struck the perfect balance between a sun-kissed goddess and a demure, natural beauty.

What’s one way to make yourself feel like a million bucks? If there’s not enough money in the bank to be seriously bringing home the bling, outfit your eyes in some jewel-toned shadows.

Major lash drama is always a winning option for ladies who are deliberating over which feature to emphasize for their evening-out makeup looks. Played up fringes instantly make you look more awake, more appealing and more feminine.

Contrary to popular belief, gray can actually have a brightening effect on your features if you know how use it correctly.

Unless you’ve been drinking 10 glasses of water per day, it’s likely that you’re hard-pressed to say you have naturally dewy skin.

Between the occasionally all-too-youthful pop of lip gloss and the sometimes matronly veneer of lipstick, what it is a sophisticated lady to do?

. In this pro video series, Makeup Artist Erica Carr will show you the steps to prep your face for makeup using Kinerase Gentle Daily Cleanser and Murad Clarifying Toner. Learn these necessary steps to properly prep your skin

This spring, reach for anything that looks good enough to eat. Ripe, juicy lip colors are the new thing come first thaw, though ladies who are desperate for a balmier clime can certainly preempt the trend – the winter-weary will thank you for it.

Tis’ not the season to worry about grocery-store stares, at least when it comes to the intensity of your lipstick. Au contrare, a brightly-colored pout is just the thing to turn heads this season, and it’s surely been popular on the runways.

It’s a favorite in the makeup industry and it keeps coming back for a reason – sporting uber-glossy lids and lips can be a winning combination that takes any pedestrian look to a cat-walk level.